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We provide online and face-to-face solutions to pet health care and behavioural problems. That's it!

You want more? Well the solutions are created by me (Dr Cam Day) or my team so they are scientifically valid. We eliminate the hocus-pocus so often associated with web-based information. 

Don't waste time reading this introduction - click one of the yellow boxes above or use the menu and you will find the information is presented in a unique manner using smart web-based technologies. Many of the solutions are downloadable.

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Dr Cam

More information about

There are two streams of information on this site:-

1.     Information about your pet's health is freely available

2.     Pet Behaviour solutions are a special feature of

For a behaviour solution, you can choose:-

         1.      A Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) solution

         2.     Or to get help from Dr Cam Day and his team

While much of the information is free, access to the member's section, which contains the important intellectual property of, requires a small fee but provides extensive benefits.  

Seventy percent of pet owners state they have a behavioural problem with their pets and behavioural disorders are one of the most common causes of pets being euthanased. So, providing low-cost solutions for common animal behaviour maladies is a key focus of To solve a behavioural problem with your pets, click here to complete a Behaviour Assessment Form.

A further important goal of is to provide funding for not-for-profit organisations and so, some of the funds generated by are used to support charities.    At present, the RSPCA and World Vision are charities supported by 

The site is wholly owned and operated by Dr Cam Day, a ful-time Veterinary Behaviourist and Veterinary Journalist from Brisbane, Australia.