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Holidays for Pets

Posted: Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 12:37:48 PM EST by Cam Day

Holiday Care for Pets

Holidays are complicated when you have pets. What are you going to do with them? Do you take your pets with you or leave them behind?This car is packed for a good time

Preferably you won't do what some irresponsible holiday makers do. Those who lack commitment find a pet too much inconvenience and think nothing of  dumping their cat or dog before they go away.

Leaving your pets unattended at home is also not an option. Such lonely animals often escape when the boredom of solitude hits. These stray pets often suffer injuries from accidents and they can become lost. However, most people are very responsible and want to ensure their pets are safe while they are away.

What are the options for holiday care of pets?

Many folk couldn't bear to be without their pets when they go off for some rest and recreation. If you can take your pets with you then they will enjoy the change in routine as much as you.

Be careful if you are going camping and save embarrassment.  Many camping grounds are National Parks where pets are totally prohibited.

Look for a book produced by  Life - Be In It called Holidaying with your Dogs.  It lists a variety of camping grounds and accommodation alternatives which allow dogs. The book sells for about $16.00.

Boarding Your Pet

If you are intending to book your dog or cat into a boarding kennel, then ensure you do so months before. Many boarding kennels and catteries book out for the Christmas and Easter holidays months in advance. Other holiday periods are almost as bad.

I always advise pet owners to view their pet's potential accommodation to ensure the facilities are clean and well managed. Boarding kennel owners are usually happy with this but you may have to arrange the visit with them beforehand. In a boarding kennel, there are certain times of the day when the owners cannot allow visitors through due to the potential of noise from the dogs barking and the disturbance visitors may cause to other scheduled duties.

If a kennel owner flatly refuses, then I would go elsewhere.

Home Visit Services

Several organisations offer a home visit service for pets. With such services, the pets are left at home and the care-giver visits during the day to feed and exercise the pets. They will water your plants and also provide other services. For pets with the right temperament, this is a good alternative.

However, be aware that your pet will still be alone for most of the day and many pets will not tolerate this. If your pet is very attached to you it may be not be content if you are gone for a long period and another alternative may be better.

House Sitters

Many folk will have a house-sitter stay in their home when they are away. The pets often enjoy the new face and the small change in routine. Naturally, the house-sitter needs to have good credentials.

A Holiday With Relatives

Alternatively, having your pets cared for at the home of a friend or relative is a good idea. If this is your preference, check that the fences will prevent your pet escaping. Why not take your pet to visit this friend a few times before the holiday so it can acquaint itself with their house and garden?

Lastly, no matter the system of care you use when you are on holiday, be sure to fully identify your pet with tags or a microchip. Should your pet roam while you are away, identification will assist in its return to you otherwise, you may never see it again.

Holiday Health Care

Remember that your pet will need to have its vaccinations up to date before being admitted into the kennels. For your pet's protection, its vaccinations should be given at least 10 days before the date of boarding as the vaccines won t cause immunity immediately.

Have your dog vaccinated with the C5 vaccine as this covers your dog for both of the germs that can cause Canine Cough and those that cause Distemper, Parvovirus and Canine Hepatitis virus. Canine Cough is a contagious upper respiratory condition that can be a problem wherever dogs group together - especially in kennels.

For cats, the F3 vaccine is the minimum needed but you may also like to ask your vet about some of the new vaccines that are now available for diseases such feline leukaemia and feline AIDS.

This is also a good time to have your dog or cat wormed with an all-wormer tablet and to check that their heartworm preventative is up to date.

There are many alternatives for your dog's heartworm preventative, but my advice is to consider the Once-A-Year Heartworm Injection which you can have done at the same time that you have your pet's annual vaccinations.

Don't forget a bath or at least a good flea treatment is essential and if your pet is on medication of any sort, for example for arthritis or anxiety disorders, now is a good time to ensure you are well stocked with medication.

With a little forethought, you and your pets will have a happy holiday and you won't be dogged by the hassles that hound many others.

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Comment by: Pet Hosiptal Moorpark
Feb 2, 2013 at 5:01 PM
Having a pet is common everywhere. People are happy to have a pet. There is no problem in having a pet but the problem arises when we want to go out for a vacation. We can't leave our pet alone as it is dangerous for the pet as well as for us too. There are certain things by which we could go out on a vacation and the pet will also not be left alone. We should hire home visitor services and home sitters service to look out our pet. Otherwise we should a holiday with our relatives only so that it doesn't disturb the pet. Along this we should vaccinate our pet within regular intervals. By this we could help our pet to adjust with the changing environment. The above data is quite informative and useful for new pet owners.
Comment by: Aunty Vanessa
Nov 17, 2012 at 6:36 AM
A couple of extra notes: * If you require a dog minder (someone who boards dogs in their home) please (like the kennels) book months in advance. The GOOD quality boarders will be booked out months in advance. Ensure the dog minder will be home most of the day. Have a meet n greet within neutral territory before deciding to board your pet with them (if the minder has their own pets). Follow procedure as you would a kennel. * Lots of the catteries I've spoken with are booked out in the Festive Season YEARS in advance as there is no real 'cat boarding at home' (unlike dog minders) available thus ensure you book way in advance or else your only other alternative is a cat/pet sitter (whom does visits) * Please remember that pet sitters provide security for your home NOT just the welfare of your pets thus allow us to have every day visits. Please do not skimp or be cheap on this matter as you're also placing the "welfare" of your home in the sitter's hands. * All the professional QUALITY house sitters (people that live in your home) are booked out for Christmas months (or a year) in advance. Be prepared to pay for a house sitter. * Another alternative is to find a friend, friend of a friend or whomever to house sit HOWEVER as a back up to have a PROFESSIONAL (paid) pet sitter visit once a day to walk any dogs or check in on the cats Naturally, the Network of Professional Pet Carers is here to try to be of service if you need us ! :)
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