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Spray it again, Sam

Posted: Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 12:50:06 PM EST by Cam Day

Mrs. Humphries arrived home and knew immediately what Spikey had been up too. It was the smell that told the story. Cat urine - somewhere in the house - but where?

Spikey was a perplexed puss cat. He was upset, anxious and agitated and as a result he was spraying urine around the house regularly during the day.

The smell was atrocious and Mrs. Humphries was getting to the end of her tether. How could she invite visitors to her home when the whole house smelt like a freshly-endorsed cat litter tray?

She needed help and so did Spikey - he was not only agitated but quite unwell too.

Why Was Spikey Spraying?

male-cat-behavior268Spikey was spraying because he was offended and affronted by  the neighbourhood cats that were roaming through his backyard. A big  non-desexed Tom Cat was a regular visitor. This brazen Tom considered Spikey's backyard was part of his territory. The Tom was spraying as he prowled through the backyard. So were the other visiting cats, and some had even come in through Spikey's cat door and had sprayed inside Spikey's home.

Spikey was not happy at this insult and, of course, Spikey's owner was not that content either.

But there was another matter. Spikey also had a lower urinary tract disease. He was forming crystals in his bladder and also had a few nasty bacteria that were causing a bladder infection. This was another engine that was driving him to spray more that he would do otherwise.

Spraying is one of the commonest behavioural problems about which cat owners will complain to their veterinarian. I treat spraying cats regularly in my behaviour clinics and would see at least one a week.

I am surprised to find that the more I look at this problem, the more I see the link between marauding neighborhood moggies causing a resident cat to spray, and a bladder infection in the same, spraying cat. I estimate that about 60% of the spraying cases I deal with have the bladder condition commonly called Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

Spraying is a normal marking behaviour of entire (non-desexed) male cats and also of female cats when they are in season.

 It is a form of communication. Desexing a male or female cat is likely to improve the behaviour but spraying is often seen in desexed cats, males and females, too.  This often occurs when the cat is anxious, upset or 'territorially stressed'. I have seen spraying behaviour in cats never let out of their house but where, through a window,  they can see other cats prowling through the garden or around the house. Many house-confined cats will station themselves on an elevated platform where they can peer through a window to the ground below and observe roaming cats.  I have Cat soilingseveral cases where the resident cat lived in a unit three to four stories above the ground. Although it never came in contact with local marauding cats, it still sprayed because of the perceived threat.

Sometimes these roaming cats are devilish. I have seen cases where they will spray through a fly screened door to upset the resident cat within. I know of a case where a roaming cat entered through a cat door, chased the resident cat of its sleeping owner's bed and then sprayed on the owner's face as she was waking up to the melee!

Other cats will spray on new items that have been brought into the house because of the new smell and some will spray because they are constantly bickering with cats that they live with.

What are the Remedies? Is There a Medical Cause?

Firstly, look for a medical cause. A urine test is essential to look for the disease known as FLUTD. If your feline felon has this disease, it can be treated.

Generally treatment involves a course of antibiotics and often a long course too. Diet change will be needed and your vet is likely to advise a specialised diet to control your cat's urinary pH levels and to ensure bladder health in other ways.

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The following Magic Methods Include :

1. Remedies for spraying cats

2. Is there a medical cause?

3. Cleaning up the mess the right way

4. Pheromones and medications

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House-soiling behaviour in a multi-cat household

Posted: Monday, June 8, 2015 at 12:49:30 PM EST by Cam Day

Litter management and spraying in a multi-cat household

Sandra from Broadbeach Waters on the Gold Coast in Queensland asks a common question about her cats’ behaviour.

I have three cats and continue to struggle to keep my house smelling clean. They tend to disregard the litter tray and I have tried so many things and just feel like giving up! Any miracle cures?

The failure of one or more cats to use a litter tray that’s provided for them can be caused by several underlying issues.

We always like putting problems like this through a ‘behaviour sieve’ to help better define the underlying malady.

The first sieve is to separate the soiling behaviour into three groups.

1. Is your cat ‘standing and spraying’ – usually on vertical surfaces?
2. Or is he or she ‘squatting and urinating’ but in areas other than the litter tray
3. Or is he or she ‘squatting and defecating’ but in areas other than the litter tray.

Is there a medical cause?

With that in mind, the next sieve is to ask ‘is your cat medically fit’.

It is so common that cats which urinate in the wrong areas have a lower urinary tract disease.

For those cats that defecate in the wrong areas – if the produce is at all loose in consistency there could be a medical cause.

All soiling cats should be checked by your medical veterinarian before being referred to a veterinary behaviourist.

More information

Solutions for ‘standing and spraying’

In the absence of medical causes, let’s look at the ‘first sieve’ – spraying.Cat Spraying

Spraying is often caused by an anxiety disorder and the commonest cause of that is inter-cat conflict.

Sandra, you have three cats. Are they getting on well? If not that could be the cause.

Are there local cats in your garden that are upsetting your cats? That’s a VERY common cause of spraying.

Or is there some form of conflict within the family that may be making your cat or cats anxious?

Eliminating that anxiety is vital and that can mean:-

1. Assimilating the cats so they get on better with each other
2. Trying to humanely repel local cats
3. Implementing enrichment and game-play which will often reduce anxiety
4. Using Feliway to resolve the anxiety
5. And some cases anti-anxiety medication is needed

More information

Solutions for squatting and urinating and squatting and defecatingCat soiling

Now let’s look at the last two ‘sieves’.

For those cats that are not spraying and that fail to use the litter tray (the ‘squatters’) there are usually for five reasons.

1. Firstly the tray may not be clean enough
2. Secondly you may not be using the correct litter. With three cats, each may have a different preference.
3. Thirdly you may have the trays in the wrong location
4. Fourthly the litter trays themselves may not be the correct design for your cats.
5. And lastly, there may be conflict between the cats where one is not wanting to use the other cat’s trays.

This can be complex to work through but we have developed a step-wise program which has more than a 90% success rate with litter issues. Often we can resolve that with a simple telephone consultation.

More information

Cleaning up the mess

As a last note, you need to be quite wise when cleaning up after your cats.Smellgone Rapid. Odour Control Spray. 500ml.
Dr Cam's recommended product for the science-based removal of animal odours. Select delivery options at check out.

Cats are very sensitive to smells and odours, including the perfumes of commonly-used cleaning agents.

Enzymatic laundry detergents such as Bio Attack are quite effective for cleaning animal waste but there is a wonderful product called Smellgone which is my favourite.

More information

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