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Give your cleints free membership to PETHEALTH

Posted: Monday, July 8, 2013 at 3:36:16 PM EST by

Did you know you can give

free membership

to your clients?

Full Access Membership to for Veterinary Clients

Considering membership? Many benefits!Did you know that with a Vets-Silver or Vets-Gold login you can give your clients free membership to which gives them many benefits.

That happens with a Client Login facility activated via

The Client Login is a simple gateway which allows your clients to get membership with as a benefit of your company login.

When you sign up for a Vets-Silver or Vets-Gold login we will create a separate username and password (usually based on your clinic name) that you can provide to your clients.

Your clients then have access to and that continues for as long as your own business login is active.

Here’s a cheat – you can give free access to your staff as well

Some features of the Client Login facility:-

  • It’s easy to confirm your client’s login details - write the Client Login Username and Password onto the cards we provide and give the card to your cleint.

  • Presently, there is no time-limit to the client login. Your clients benefit from the member’s access while your own Vetbehaviourist login is active.

  • It’s your choice whether you charge for the membership or not. If you want to see the normal charges for members’ access you can check them online at (Personally I think you should charge $26.00 – equivalent to one month’s membership.)

  • Client membership works hand-in-glove with the Smart-forms
    • Assess a case using the relevant Smart-form.
      • (With a Vet-Silver or Verts-Gold you can email hat Smart-form to me for review remembering you have 60 minutes of phone-support per month for this purpose.
    • The Client membership you provide then allows your client full access to all the solutions listed in the Smart Form. That’s a well-rounded service.

    • If you do need to refer the case, the Client Login also allows them a 10% discount in our fees if they choose the pre-pay option. (However please note the concept of is to get you to do the consultations – not me!!)

    • You can also allow your staff to use the Client Login facility to give them access to

To activate a Client Login facility, activate a Vets-Silver or Vets-Gold login here for your clinic.

In the meantime – keep misbehaving.



Animal Behaviour Veterinarian



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