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Behaviour consultations /Consulting Room Consultations

Consulting Room Consultations

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Consulting room consultations have the advantage of being cheaper than house calls as there is no travelling fee. They are very good for clinic-based problems such as some forms of aggression and for fear-based behaviours.

They are also useful if a medical disorder is likely to be a component of the behavioural disorder.

Dr Cam consults at his air-conditioned rooms at "Camelot" at 437 Ford Road at Priestdale. (Be warned - this building resembles a castle).

Map of Priestdale Consulting Rooms at "Camelot"

Clinic consultations can consist of:-

  • Assessment consultations of 30 minutes or
  • Full therapy consultations which are usually two hours

Features of Clinic Assessments

  • If you are not sure of how serious your pet's dilemma is, then an assessment consultation is a useful first step.
  • Assessments allow a problem to be reviewed and you then have the choice of booking the therapy portion of the service at later time.
  • Some simple problems can be fixed in thirty minutes.
  • If space exists, a 30 minute assessment can be extended for additional time if you wish.
  • Assessment consultations are discounted for those on a limited budget.

However, assessment consultations don't give much time to implement therapy.

Features of Full-Therapy Clinic Consultations

  • A full and detailed assessment of the problem occurs (takes about 30 minutes).
  • The therapy follows and takes at least another 90 minutes and is science-based and welfare focused.
  • You receive a written report called 'Your Front Page to Petheatlh'  prepared on the spot so you have written confirmation of what you should be doing. This means you don't have to take you own notes. The report helps you navigate easily to the information you need to read and avoiding other information which is not relevant to the problem that interests you.
  • A Sound Advice Audio verbatim recording of the consultation is prepared so that every word of advice is trapped. Therefore you don't need to worry about missing a thing and the recording can easily be shared with others who may not be able to attend the session.
  • Free telephone back up is included for the length of Web Membership you choose so your long-term success will be optimised.
  • If you take up membership first, you will get your full therapy consultations for 10% cheaper if you prepay for it using your member's privileges.
  • Reduce-fee rechecks are included with your Web Membership.

If you are attending the Priestdale Consulting Rooms

  • Bring photos or a short video of your house and garden, from the front entrance to the back garden to all Dr Cam and staff to get a full appreciation of your and your pet's lifestyle and the amenities your house provides for your pet's behaviour therapy
  • Please bring your pet on a lead or in a carry cage.
  • Note that other pets may be present in the consulting rooms or on the property (including Zeus Dr Cam's stallion) at the time so please be cautious on entry.
  • Parking is available on the street
  • The consulting room is on the ground floor of the left hand Turret  (The upper level contains offices and the Round Table Room)
  • The building allows for wheel chair access with a touch of difficulty (we will assist)

Consulting Room Hours

  • Generally Thursday through to Monday, thus including most Saturdays and Sundays

To get your consultation at the most economic rate:-

  1.  Take up membership first because full therapy consultations are at least 10% cheaper for members

  2. Then select your preferred booking from the listing below. Once you are logged-in as a member, the service will be shown at the reduced rate where applicable.


ONE-STEP Full therapy CLINIC CONSULTATION - PLUS 6 month's membership/support. Our most popular clinic consultation/membership combo. $678.45 ($744.84 if purchased separately)
More Information
Price: $678.45 inc. GST
For the complex problems, there is nothing better than consulting with Dr Cam in his Brisbane consulting rooms in Priestdale. $161.26 (MEMBERS - PRE-PAY HERE AND GET 10% DISCOUNT $145.13 for members)
More Information
Price: $161.26 inc. GST
A full therapy consultation in Dr Cam's Priestdale(QLD) rooms is a good choice. Consulting room consultations are cheaper than house calls. $663.84 (MEMBERS - PRE-PAY HERE AND GET 10% DISCOUNT $597.45 for members)
More Information
Price: $663.84 inc. GST