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Proven non-medication solutions for Separation Anxiety


"Home alone" anxieties are common in many pets, particularly dogs. How to deal with Separation Anxiety-type behaviours is something our clients ask us about daily, so we've put together this easy, non-medication approach for dogs with Separation Anxiety.

Combining Adaptil pheromones with Homeopet Anxiety provides science-based solutions for dogs suffering from separation anxiety type behaviours.

Adaptil has been scientifically proven to help dogs suffering from different types of anxiety.

Plus, we have also found that Homeopet Anxiety can be useful for many dogs.

Combining Adaptil with Homeopet Anxiety gives a double-up benefit that can provide the most powerful non-medication approach to helping your dog be okay when they're home alone.

Adaptil comes in three forms. The plug in diffuser and collar can be found in the chart below. An additional quick-acting version is also available but that version cannot be advertised on website. Ring us for more details.

Homeopet Anxiety comes in a 15mL dropper bottle.

The quiz below will show you the product combo that best suits your dog, or you can ring us if you need to find out more about the quick-acting version of Adaptil

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