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A 10 Point Twitter Essay on Remedies for Dog Separation Anxiety

Below is a Twitter essay we created using less than 140 characters to so show remedies for dog separation anxiety

lovers - a short 10 point essay on dog remedies follows. Track via this hashtag.

1.What is separation anxiety? It's a subset of anxiety behaviour where your dog shows signs of distress when separated from you #SEPANX

2 Dog Separation issues can extend from mild anxiety to an anxiety disorder. Most extreme is separation panic disorder. Assess here

3.To understand dog sep anx, throw out the dominance concept and look at the moods involved.

4 Why does my dog suffer Sep Anx? Often it’s nothing to do with the care you have given.Some are born to be anxious #SEPANX.

5.Prevent dog separation anx by giving a rich lifestyle & reward-based leadership training. #SEPANX and

6.Treat dog sep anx by knowing where in your house/ garden your dog is calmest. So, you need to spy on your pets. #SEPANX

7.Start solving dog Sep Anx by providing in-absence boredom relief\ using this unique brain-game toy! #SEPANX

8.Start dog separation training with the Trial Separations technique #SEPANX

9.Add Adaptil pheromones #SEPANX They are a prime remedy for dog separation anxiety .

10.For dogs with Sep panic, true anti-anxiety medications from your vet can be lifesaving. Use with confidence. #SEPANX

Our short 10 point essay on dog #separation #anxiety remedies is now complete. If you missed it, load this hashtag. #SEPANX How did you get on?