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House-Soiling And Spraying Cats!

Dr Cam will coach you on the Solutions for House Soiling Cats


Do you have a 'wee' problem with your cat or maybe  your cat is soiling its reputation with you by making a mess around the house. If your cat is spraying, defecating or urinating in areas where it shouldn't then the information in this Pet Pick is worth its weight in cat biscuits.

Science-based Techniques to Help Relieve House Soiling and Spraying Cats!

pawprint  Start here to solve your cat's soiling

Soiled Reputations

pawprint  Spraying behaviour

pawprint  Chronic Renal Diseases in Dogs and Cats

pawprint  Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats

pawprint  Tummy Turmoil

pawprint  Senior Cat Pet Pick

pawprint  Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

pawprint  Feisty Felines

pawprint  Feline Mad

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A 10 Point Twitter Essay on Solving Cat Soiling

Below is a Twitter essay we created using less than 140 characters to so show remedies for cat house-soiling and spraying.

Following is a ten step essay for curing #cat house soiling. Track via hashtag #catspray

1. Start here to solve your #cat's soiling #catspray

2. Solving #cat soiling starts with perfect litter tray management #catspray

3. Case study! Why Was Spikey the #Cat Spraying? #catspray

4. Why renal disease causes #cat soiling. #catspray

5. Lower Urinary Tract Disease is often married to #cat soiling. Here’s why? #catspray

6. How #cat #house soiling can be caused by bowel disease.  #catspray

7. Spraying is often caused by inter-cat aggression. More here!  #catspray

8. Humanely repelling roaming #cats dramatically helps #cat spraying.   #catspray

9. Feliway champions the solution for some #spraying cats.  #catspray

10. Ask your Vet if medication is needed for your spraying #cat. Why? #catspray

In case you missed our 10 step essay on house soiling cats follow this hashtag #catspray

Thanks those owners of soiling #cats who responded to our #catspray essay. You almost broke . Weeeee...