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Dog Noise Fear Solutions


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If you own a noise-fearful dog, then it is likely your dog is escaping, damaging itself, destroying your house and that it is tragically scared when the noises hit.

But, there are solutions and you will find all you need on this Pet Pick.

Use our DIY information through this page or contact Dr Cam on the 'Get Started' button if you need assistance.

Science-based Remedies for Noise Fears!

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9 Steps to Calm Your Dog in Thunderstorms

9 Steps to Solve Fear of Fireworks

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Behaviour / Dog Behaviour Solutions / Noise fears/ Abhorrent Noise page 1

Abhorrent Noise

Puppy on cushion sad.jpgThe start of the storm season means fear and torment for many dogs. But thunderstorms are not the only abhorrent noises that can turn a happy hound into a quivering, hairy blancmange. Dogs are equally affected by fireworks, nailing guns, cap guns and similar noises. Noise fears are very dangerous as dogs will go to great lengths to escape from the cruel clutches of the noise.

Not all of the above noises have the same characteristics and to help your dog cope you need know how to handle each noise that can develop.

How predictable is the noise that affects your dog and how long does it last? Is it local or is it wide spread? Is it seasonal and, as with a storm, is there an odour that is associated with the noise. Some noises also have a tactile nature which means the animal feels the noise. For example a dog feels the wind and rain of a storm but that doesn't occur with many other noises.

A dog will often generalise its fear from one component of the noise to other related components, so, while a dog may initially learn to become fearful of the noise of a storm, it generalises to becoming fearful to, for instance the feel of a storm. This is why many dogs are fearful in windy conditions when there is no storm present - they presume the storm is on its way. In the same way, a dog will generalise from the crack of lightening to the similar type of noise that the simple flicking of a light switch will create.

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1. Solutions for thunderstorms

2. Solutions for fireworks

3. Solutions for cap guns, nailing guns and other explosions

4. General information on solving noise fears

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