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Cat confinement and lifestyle enrichment strategies

Including moving house with cats


This Pet Pick collates a series of articles pertaining to moving house with your cat, can confinement strategies and holiday care when confinement of some type may be an issue. Have fun!

Science-based Techniques to Help Relieve Cat Assimilation Pet Pick!

1. Moving house with pets

2. Accommodating Cats in Comfort

3. Identifying a pet Problem

4. Holiday care of pets

5. Soiled reputations

6. No Bored Cats

7. Feline Frolics

8. Cagey Cats

9. Keeping cats content

10. How Should Pheromones by used for cats

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Behaviour / Cat Behaviour Solutions / Cat confinement and assimilation / Accommodating cats in comfort

Accommodating Cats in Comfort

Many cat owners now confine their cats either totally inside their home or for at least part of the day.

Cat looking out windowThe need has arisen because so many Councils are releasing cat laws that require some form of confinement.

In addition, many cat owners, concerned about the danger to their cats when they roam at night or during the day and to prevent their cats attacking nocturnal wildlife, are voluntarily and responsibly confining their cats.

In this article, we deal with the question of providing accommodation for cats where they need to be confined.

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1. What is the best way to confine a cat when needed?

2. What size should a cat cage be?

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