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Pet Behaviour Veterinarians in Australia

Veterinarians skilled in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine.

If you require the services of a pet behaviour veterinarian in your area, then below is a list of my Australian and some overseas colleagues who are skilled and trained in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine. This list is held by the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

All the veterinarians in this list are very well qualified in their field with postgraduate degrees in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine. Some are Veterinary Behaviour Specialists who have done extensive studies in Australia and overseas.

I know most of them personally.

Each is dedicated to humane treatment and you will find that each will focus on using a balance of behavioural therapies to get the best response possible with your pet's behavioural problems.

You will find that my colleagues in this list avoid the use of punishment and maximise the use of reward-based therapies - but they all concentrate on the science behind creating a humane change in a pet's behaviour.

That's just the sort of solution your pet will prefer!!

Some will also do with 'non-pet' animals such as production livestock and wildlife.

Links to contact details: -

Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists - Veterinary Behaviour Chapter