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Behaviour / Dog Behaviour Solutions / Barking

Stop Your Dog Barking!

Barking dog solutions start here!


'How do I stop my dog barking?'

That's a very common question Dr Cam and his team are asked many times per day - and they solve it!

And if that's your question, are you considering using a barking collar?

Stop - don't use a barking collar - there are better, science-based solutions

Read 'Why you should not use a barking collar'

Solving barking without using barking collars

On this page, you will find detailed, science-based and welfare-focused solutions that will help you to remedy your dog's barking behaviours.  They are all written and researched by Dr Cam Day, full time Veterinary Behaviourist and are based on humane solutions he uses daily in his consultations.

And you can access it all for a fraction of the cost of an electric collar, knowing that you will get it right the first time and NOT HARM YOUR DOG.


Browse through the information on the column to the left to find all you need regarding your dog's barking solutions:-

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  2. READ our fact sheets detailing humane barking remedies
  3. LISTEN to our podcasts on barking solutions
  4. VIEW our unique 24/7 webinars to easily solve your dog's barking
  5. GET one-on-one help from Dr Cam


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