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My dog is barking when I am home

Download this science-based and welfare-focused DIY Webinar about the form of barking that occurs when you are with your dog.

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Solving barking without using barking collars

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(This is Chapter 2 of 3 in the Parking Barking Series)

The form of barking that occurs when you are with your dog is very common - and frustrating!

We can help you to solve that without you needing to use electric collars - which is just one of the many bonuses of this welfare-focused e-Learning Pet Fix Guide.


  • Listen to Dr Cam's advice and simultaneously see images and videos in this multi-media e-Learning Webinar which means you will rapidly gather the information you need for a speedy solution.
  • This Webinar deals extensively with how to eliminate unwanted behaviours (such as barking) by using 'pulsed reward-based cognitive training'.
  • The techniques relate to many behaviours your dog could exhibit that could trouble you.
  • Through the download, link to additional information on Pethealth.com.au for a broad-ranging, targeted solution to your dog's barking.
  • The information presented is based on the same techniques Dr Cam uses in his face-to-face consultations - it's almost like having Dr Cam in your loungeroom.
  • The most detailed information on barking solutions you can find - you can be sure the information is science-based and welfare-focused and eliminates the hog-wash so often associated with online behaviour solutions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If this does not help you to solve your dog's barking behaviour we will refund your purchase price - guaranteed.


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