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Aggressive Cat Solutions

Solving aggressive cat behaviour - biting, scratching, hissing and spitting


When cats are aggressive to you, to each other or to neighbourhood cats, life can be difficult.

Unlike dogs, cats have 20 stiletto-sharp claws and needle-like teeth that are designed to cause maximum damage in minimum time. (I know from many painful personal experiences!!)

But there are solutions, and you will find them all here.

How would you like to solve this problem?

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Dr Cam's Pet Fix Podcasts on Cat Aggression

Introduction to Solving Cat Aggression 

Cam and DogTypes of Aggression Your Cat May Show

Cam and DogA Seven Point Plan to Cure Your Cat's Aggression

Science-based Techniques to Remedy Aggressive Behaviour in Cats!

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4. Feisty felines

5. Manic Moggie Manipulators

6. Changing Moods

7. Bosom Buddies

8. Feline Mad

9. Feline Frolics

10. How Should Pheromones by used for cats

11. No Bored Cats

12. I Hate My Cat!

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Behaviour / Cat Behaviour Solutions / Where do purrs come from

Manic Moggie Manipulators

To control the uncontrollable, to manage the unmanageable, to fight where all hope is hopeless - that's what training cats is all about.

If your cat is doing things that annoy you, can you go where no mortal being has dared to go and change the cat's habits?  It is possible, but you need to be a master in hand-to-paw combat and armed with sophisticated weaponry.

Cats which claw furniture, soil on the hand-tufted Persian rug, scratch their owners and steal food from tabletops can be cured using my Manic Moggie Manipulators.

Paws on Punishment cat behaviour management requires skills

Most pet owners look at punishment as their first line of attack for annoying behaviours. They think If Claude claws the couch and you bash Claude's butt with a rolled newspaper, Claude will stop clawing the couch.

That's what most people think, but ask Claude and you get a different perception. He associates the butt-bashing with you coming near him, not with the claw sharpening. Thus Claude learns to avoid you when you have the newspaper in your hand.

While he may run from you and you thus puff your chest with victorious pride, I bet Claude will be back clawing the furniture again when you are not looking.

Punishment needs to be used cautiously as it can make matters worse.

A better method is to employ remote punishment where the cat thinks the object of abuse is the source of punishment but the rule is - don't hurt your cat.

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