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Bird Care Pet Pick!

Is your bird a picture of health or does it look more like a feather duster with an identity crisis?

Caring for birds can be difficult - if a bird looks unwell then it's usually very sick.

And a bird's behaviour can be a problem too.

All the information you need is below.

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Recognising Signs of Ill Health in Birds

Is your bird a picture of health or does it look more like a feather duster with an identity crisis?  The following information may help to ensure you  treat your feathered friend quickly should it be suffering from an illness.

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Scaley Face and Scaley Leg Mite Infestations

Scaley Face is caused by a mite known as either the Scaley Face Mite or the Scaley Leg Mite. It's a common problem with birds and the solutions are all here.

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Love Birds - but don't kiss them!

Do you love your bird? That's good but you shouldn't get carried away with your affection. Psittacosis is a zoonosis, a disease which can be spread from animals (birds in this case) to humans.

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A Pet Pick on Poultry Care

This Pet Pick groups together the information Pethealth that deals with poultry and their care.

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In Fine Feather

If your parrot is a paranoid feather plucker and resembles a feather duster with an identity crisis then you will want to know what causes feather plucking. Look no further - it's all here

Flying into a Rage

The vicious, monstrous brute I met the other day was savage. It was one of the nasty kind. Get too close and this demon delinquent would mutilate your arm, rip hunks of flesh from your body and leave you wounded and bleeding. Yup, this budgerigar was a mean man muncher. Aggression in birds is common - do you know the solutions?


Stop Ya Squarking

The joyful twitter and chirping of a content collection of birds in the trees overhead is such a restful and glorious sound - one of the joys of nature.  But not so the harsh, discordant squarks and screams of a parrot demanding attention as dawn breaks - but there are solutions.


Attention seeking menu

Controlling attention seeking behaviour with pets - while the information is based, on dogs, it also works for birds.

Click Here

Changing Moods

If you want to change your pet’s behaviour, why use harsh techniques when gentle ones will work better?  Birds, especially don't like punishment.

Bad Habits

Why do we love pets when their behaviours can sometimes be so annoying?

Training Parrots to Talk

Taming and training a pet bird is, to say the least, amusing. A bird can be trained to perform so many feats of skill that a clever bird can give new meaning to the phrase  ‘bird brain’. However, taking your bird’s training to the stage where it can talk and perhaps sing like a Pavarotti Parrot is very rewarding!  Read on.

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Pets for the Elderly.

Elderly folk have the time for pets and have lots of love to give but many are in units, retirement villages or hospice accommodation and pets are often not encouraged - sadly.

A pet, though, is so important for such people. Are there any answers?  You bet and a birds is just one.

Click Here

A Carton of magic

This sheet is one of Dr Cam’s most popular. It describes how to use a variety of cartons to give your dog and cat a wonderfully rich lifestyle. Birds will benefit from many of the tricks too.


No Bored Dogs

This sheet goes hand in paw with the Carton f Magic and gives some amazing techniques on how to ban boredom from your dog’s life forever.  Cross out 'dog' on this sheet and substitute 'bird' and most will still make sense!!


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