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Cat confinement and lifestyle enrichment strategies

Including moving house with cats


This Pet Pick collates a series of articles pertaining to moving house with your cat, can confinement strategies and holiday care when confinement of some type may be an issue. Have fun!

Science-based Techniques to Help Relieve Cat Assimilation Pet Pick!

1. Moving house with pets

2. Accommodating Cats in Comfort

3. Identifying a pet Problem

4. Holiday care of pets

5. Soiled reputations

6. No Bored Cats

7. Feline Frolics

8. Cagey Cats

9. Keeping cats content

10. How Should Pheromones by used for cats

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Behaviour / Cat Behaviour Solutions / Cat confinement and assimilation / Cagey cats

Cagey Cats

male-cat-behavior268Is your cat being belted up by the local moggie - the gnashing neighbourhood nasty? Or are you concerned because you live near a main road and your cat likes playing 'chicken' with the local hotrod by strutting down the middle of the white line as the hotrod approaches? Perhaps your cat is attacking the local wildlife and you are having trouble stopping it from doing so.

Well the solution to all the above could be to confine your cat to your house or yard. While that's easy to do with dogs, achieving the same with cats is not so easy.

To confine your cat, the approach I advise is the creation of a Fantastic Feline Fun Park. 

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1. Where Can I Confine My Cat?

2. How Do I Ensure My Cat is Happy in Its Fantastic Feline Fun Park?

3. Exploring the Options

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