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Behaviour consultations /Priority system

This is how we set our priorities for helping with your pet's behaviour solutions

 If you want urgent help with your pet's behavioural problem you may be comforted to know we have a priority system for helping you.

Here are the details of our priority system for behaviour bookings:-

  • Take up a membership with PETHEALTH.COM.AU
  • Then use that membership to prepay for your preferred service (it will then be at member's rates)
  • Then you jump to the top of the Queue and the longer your membership the higher on our priority list you climb.

When we see your prepayment, we will contact you - usually on the same day and often within an hour.

With most cases, we can book your service within a few days.  Evening consultations are available twice weekly but these always book quickly so let us know as soon as you can if you need an evening consultation.


Below is the priority list my staff and I work from

This is how we set our priorities for making contact

Contact first and urgentlyTier One Priorities

Summary:- Pet owner wants an urgent face-to-face or phone-based service.


Those with an annual membership who also pre-pay for a consultation

Contact first and urgently by phone

Those with a six month membership who also pre-pay for a consultation

Contact urgently by phone

Those with a three month membership who also pre-pay for a consultation

Contact urgently by phone

Those with a one month membership who also pre-pay for a consultation

Contact urgently by phone

Contact ASAPTier Two Priorities 

Summary:- Pet owner prefers a DIY system with membership but may want a face-to-face or phone-based service later.


Those with an annual membership who are yet to pre-pay for a consultation

Contact ASAP by phone or email

Those with a six month membership  who are yet to pre-pay for a consultation

Contact ASAP by phone or email

Those with a three month membership who are yet to pre-pay for a consultation

Contact ASAP by phone or email

Those with a one month membership who are yet to pre-pay for a consultation

Contact ASAP by phone or email

Contact in due courseTier Three Priority

Summary: Pet owner has submitted an assessment form and is using our free DIY information but may want to activate membership or may want a face-to-face or phone-service at a later time.

9 Those who are yet to activate a membership Contact in due course by email (or by phone where possible)


So what that means is you can speed up by activating a membership and pre-paying for your preferred service - or take your time and browse the DIY information on our site. The choice is yours.

If you are not sure what to do, here are some more details:-


STEP 1- Take up a low-cost VIP Membership with

Contact ASAP

Membership provides you with many benefits which are described on the links below but the main benefits for you are your pet are:-
  1. It increases the urgency with which he contact you
  2. It give you immediate full site access to the DIY information that follows (and elsewhere on the site) including more than 20 hours of recorded Podcasts which are unique to PETHEALTH.COM.AU
  3. You received at least a 10% reduction in fees when you use your membership to pre-pay for your full-therapy (longer than 90 minutes) consultation
  4. AND for the duration of your membership if you have been through a full-therapy consultation

You will find full details of other benefits when you click the following link.......

Membership can be from one month or more and is cheaper than a bag of pet food!  Membership starts at $22.00 for one month and longer membership gives extended benefits.

STEP 2 – View PETHEALTH'S D.I.Y online help


Contact in due coursePETHEALTH's Pet Picks and their cousins, the downloadable Pet Fix Guides are specialised therapy sheets containing information that is targeted at the problem you are trying to solve. (Membership gives full access).

The Pet Picks are problem specific and many contained detailed audio Podcasts that you can download to study.

Be warned! There are hours and hours of reading and listening in what follows.

For this reason, all of the Pet Picks are designed so that you can Email them to yourself for off-line access. That means you can work through the information at your own pace. 

(There is no way you can absorb all the information in one sitting at your computer!)

That's another reason you need membership to PETHEALTH.COM.AU - you get access to it all.  We suggest you start with this single page - this will only take you a few minutes.

Good Behaviour Starts here
There are just four key points you need to consider to get your dog's behaviour in order. Read this sheet first for the big picture.

Then grab a cup of coffee and some treats for your pet before you look at this load of good information .....

A Full List of Dr Cam's Pet Picks

These Pet Picks short cut you to the information on Pethealth that deals with Behavioural issues for your dogs, cats and birds.

From common problems such as aggression and excessive vocalisation, to rarer but serious problems such as compulsive and self-harming behaviours - you will find the best D.I.Y. behaviour information here.


STEP 3 – Book online using your membership to get the lowest fees if you want personal help from Dr Cam or his trainers

Contact first and urgentlyIf you want Dr Cam or his trainers to help your pet then the most economic means of doing that is to activate your membership and then use your membership to Pre-Pay for your preferred service.

That way, you get the most economic service possible because by pre-paying you get at least a 10% discount in fees.

You also get free telephone back-up (with full-therapy consultations that are longer than 90 minutes) to ensure that the long-term cure of your pet's behaviour is as good as it can possibly be.

You will find full details of our consultation services on the links below but a summary of the benefits are:-  

  1. Problems are assessed first, then solutions are fully implemented and then long-term follow-up is provided at reduced fees and with free phone back-up (for members) to ensure progress is made.
  2. A detailed written report (your Web Assist Treatment Summary) is provided to confirm the information shared. This is like your own front page to PETHEALTH.COM.AU.
  3. A full audio recording on CD (the Sound Advice CD) is also provided at the time of your consultation so you don't have to worry about forgetting or missing important information. This also helps if other family members cannot be present at the time - they can 're-live' the consultation through the audio CD.
  4. Solutions are analytic, science-based and welfare-focused. Harsh punishment is never used.
  5. Dr Cam is a Veterinary Behaviourist. He only deals with pet behaviour management and as can advise if medical issues are relevant to your pet's behaviour and if the behaviour is normal or abnormal. If clearly needed, he can prescribe medications for your pet's behaviour solutions to provide a better response.

There is no problem if you prefer to wait until you get together with our team to pay for your preferred service. It’s just that it’s so much cheaper to pre-pay using your membership because that’s how you get your 10% discount in fees.


Online Bookings

Book your consultation online via your membership to get Dr Cam’s help for the lowest fees.
Note that if you are available on Wednesdays, additional bonuses usually apply at that time.

What You Need to Do Now

  • Have you activated a membership?
  • Have you pre-paid for your service or consultation to get the lowest fees?
  • You can drop in personally to pre-pay for your service using our EFTPOS facility or by cash or cheque.
  • Or you can pay by internet banking using these account details. BSB 084435 Account Number 590254915 Bank National Australia. Account Name: Cam Day Consulting.
    • If you are using internet banking, you really need to ring us first to get the exact amount of your service and/or membership
    • Please put your surname or other form of identification into your banking screen so we can reconcile your payment
  • If you prefer not to pre-pay then you can certainly pay when you see us using our EFTPOS facility if you are in our consulting rooms or you can pay by cheque or cash. However, the 10% member’s discounts do not then apply.
Alternatively, please ring us on (07) 3341 9153 and we will help with your booking and any other inquiries you may have. 


Dr Cam Day (Animal Behaviour Veterinarian)
and his Team.