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Behaviour / Dog Behaviour Solutions / Separation anxiety / Consultation services for separation anxiety

 Consultation services for separation-related behavioursClick here to tell us what's happening

We can help by phone, in-clinic or in your home

Yes, separation-related behaviours are worrisome for you and dangerous for your dog. We can remedy that.

But which service is the 'best fit' for you?

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 Which is best

Full-therapy House Call with Dr Cam

House calls are the 'Gold Standard' for separation anxiety problems. If you have a serious problem - book this service.

Full-therapy Clinic Consultation with Dr Cam

Clinic consultations are almost as good as house calls if you bring photos of your house and yard. We will also look at where you live using satellite technology.

Our rooms are in Fairfield, in Brisbane, Queensland.

Clinic Assessment with Dr Cam

Dr Cam's lowest-cost face-to-face service - a good choice to allow a review or your dog's separation anxiety. The next steps can planned at a later time.

Tele-Assist with Dr Cam

This will get you started - Tele Assists are a low cost, high tech quick-start to your dog's cure. And you get the extra value of your own, personally-written 'Front Page to Pethealth.

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Here is some more information about separation-related behaviours

We are serious about science-based solutions for separation anxiety.

At the time of writing, 5,759 dog owners have requested help for a variety of dog behavioural issues through our Veterinary Behaviour Consultancy. Of those, 1284 wanted help with separation-related problems.

Those numbers are only important to tell you that, while you may feel you are on your own - you're not.

For us it's a common problem that we deal with regularly.

And we know that:-

  • dogs with separation anxiety are really miserable and their welfare is affected
  • many dogs with separation anxiety go beyond a state of anxiety and to a state of panic
  • panicking dogs hurt themselves by attempting to escape from your garden or 'inscape' into you house
  • damage to your household can be extreme and repairing the damage costs much more than fixing the problem
  • your neighbours are likely to be complaining about your dog's barking when you are away - but they are not likely to realise your dog is distressed
  • you are worried about your dog's behaviour while you are working the 50 hour-per-week grindstone

But - do something now! 

Your dog's separation-related behaviours are welfare-negative, dangerous and even life threatening. The behaviour won't disappear on its own.

What you need to do now:

Select from one of the services below or ring us on (07) 3341 9153


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