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Easy Step by Step Dog Training!


These articles collectively deal with many aspects regarding how to get good behaviour from your dog.

Included is the Leave Routine - one of my favourites - and a whole swag of information on Attention Seeking behaviours.  Here you will also find information about our Small Group Dog Training Classes.

There are some unique techniques here and all based on minimising punishment.

Have fun!

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Additional Info from Dr Cam!

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Behaviour / Dog Behaviour Solutions / The bad dog good dog routine

The "Bad Dog - Good Dog" Routine

How to Humanely and Effectively Discipline your dog for unacceptable behaviour.


What is the best way to discipline a dog - using the rolled newspaper, spanking it, chaining it up when it misbehaves or hitting it with a plastic pipe??

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then you're certainly not a SNAPO (Sensitive New Age Pet Owner, for the ill-informed!!)

A correct approach to punishment is to not use it at all! However, knowing that most dog owners do punish their dogs for wrongful behaviours, you need to know how to use punishment humanely.

What's Wrong with Punishment?

Punishment stops dogs learning. Dogs have only a limited ability to learn when compared with humans. When they are 'emotional' their speed of learning slows down and, in many cases, stops completely.

Harsh punishments confuse dogs. Many dog owners say 'My dog knows he had done wrong! He looks so guilty when I punish him. So why does he continue to do the wrong thing after I punish him?'

The owner is misreading the behaviour. The dog is showing confusion not guilt.  The more you punish your dog, the worse it is likely to become.

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1. The Principles of Punishment

2. Cone Down on the Problem

3. The Bad Dog - Good Dog Process

4. Let's recap on the process...

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