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Separation Anxiety Solutions


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Podcasts on Separation Anxiety


1. Home Alone Behaviours - Introduction 
2. 'Home Alone' Hassels Explained
3. Causes of Home Alone Problems
4. The Four Elements of a Home Alone Cure

5. Is there a Medical Cause?
6. Teaching Your Dog to Behave When Alone
7. Managing Home Alone Behaviours
8. Will Medication Be Needed?
9. Solving Home Alone Problems
10. Solving Home Alone Problems - Part 2

11. No Bored Dogs Routine
12. Implementing Pheromone Therapy
13. Is it a Separation Anxiety?
14. Trial Separations and Staged Leaving

15. Additional Techniques for Noise Fears
16. Back Yard Panic Disorder
17. Medications for Home Alone Hounds

18. Recap and Summary

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10 Steps to Stop Separation Anxiety

1. Medical Causes of Separtion Anxiety 
2. Remedies for Home Alone Problems

3. How Boredom Relief can Help
4. Curing hole-digging and similar home alone behaviours
5. How to Stop Separation Problems when you Move
6. Happy Home Alone Pets – It’s as Simple as ABC
7. Denning your Dog for Home Alone Happiness
8. Homeopathic Products Home Alone Hounds
9. Using Dog Appeasing Pheromones for Seration Cures
10. Medications for Separation Anxiety

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Dog separation anxiety cures start here

What is a Separation Anxiety?Separation anxiety can be cured

A separation anxiety is a subset of the group of behaviours called anxieties where your dog exhibits signs of distress when separated from you.

While there are many signs, a quick summary is:-

  • Your dog will show an emotion related to sadness, moroseness or anxiety when you are preparing to leave

  • It will show anxious behaviours while you are gone such as distressed vocalisation, escaping, house soiling and other behaviours

  • And it will be over-attentive when you arrive home.

Have confidence. Separation anxiety in dogs can be remedied.

A message from Dr Cam Day (Veterinarian)

"Separation anxiety is a distressing behaviour for dogs but is also distressing for dog owners. Almost always the behaviour is seen in dogs who are adored by their owners and therefore, the dogs reflect that by loving their owners in return. Consquently the dogs are distressed when their owners are absent.

As a full-time behaviourist I deal with separation anxiety on a daily basis.

So have confidence. Separation anxiety in dogs can be remedied.

Your first step is to decide how you want to remedy the problem by answering one simple question.

Read what follows - but do something. The anxiety won't disappear on its own."

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