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Behaviour Help

Just four steps will give you the solution you need....

StepDog and owner 1

Complete a Behaviour assessment form by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

The assessment forms help you to think a bit more deeply about your pet's behavioural problems and then allow you to send the details of your pet's problem to Dr Cam Day and his team.

(BONUS: Every form submitted receives a Web-Assist Guide to solutions on that will help you to solve the problem.)

Step 2

Take up membership if you want to so that you have no restrictions to viewing the behaviour solutions on (Much of the 'good stuff' on is under the membership section.)

Step 3

If you need professional help from Dr Cam Day and the behaviourists at Cam Day Consulting, use your membership to purchase discounted services (such as consulting room or house call consultations) or products to solve your pet's behaviour.

Having an active membership means you get discounts on services and products and those discount usually far exceed the cost of your membership. For instance take up a $22 membership and you get more than $50 discount on a full-therapy house-call consultation PLUS discounts on other services and products for the life of your membership.

 Let's get started - click here to go to Step 1