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Behaviour / Dog Behaviour Solutions / Aggression / Aggression to dogs met / Dreaded Walkies

Dreaded Walkies

While exercising your dog on the street is a joy for most dogs and their owners, for some dog owners it is more like an 'exercise in hostility'. This is certainly so if your dog is uncontrollable or aggressive when it meets other dogs or pedestrians, especially active children.

However, walking your dog doesn't need to be a turmoil and, in many cases, problems with 'walkies' can be resolved.

What are the risks when dogs are aggressive on the street? If your dog is aggressive when you walk it, the risks are more serious than you might realise.

Naturally if your dog lunges and bites a pedestrian while you are on the street, the council will justifiably take action. Your dog could be declared dangerous and this can potentially lead to it being seized, with destruction as the consequence, unless you appeal successfully.

However there is also another risk - that of litigation. It is becoming more common for the victims of dog attacks to implement damage claims from the owners of the dogs. In a Brisbane case not that long ago, a victim was awarded over $150,000 damages when bitten by a dog.

When it comes to a dog being declared dangerous, this commonly occurs when a person is bitten by the dog when it is being walked in a public place. However many owners are not aware that the dog can be declared dangerous even if the victim feels threatened by the dog's action, with no contact being made.

A dog can also be declared dangerous when it attacks or threatens another dog or for that matter, if it attacks any animal. I know of cases where dogs have been declared dangerous for attacking cats, guinea pigs, wild birds, poultry or livestock.

Calming the Savage Beast

If you are seeking a solution, there are five scenarios that can occur, each with its own risk and 'therapeutic value'.

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1. When Your Dog is Off-lead in a Park

2. When your dog is on-lead close to people or roaming dogs.

3. When on-lead on a street

4. When approaching a dog behind a fence

5. When on-lead in a quiet park

6. Collaring the Problem

7. Solving the Problem - the Perpendicular Pooch Technique

8. Pre-teach the Routine

9. Getting Perpendicular

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