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Fearsome Fighting

How to solve inter-dog aggression

A Case Study of Inter-dog Aggression

Dogs_Face_FightingBaby was a problem pooch. In dismay, her owners narrated a horrid history of this big German Shepherd attacking Queeny, her companion dog, that was half her size.  Injuries were occurring to both dogs in the brawls and lately, there appeared to be very little reason for Baby's savagery.

If you have a pair of brawling dogs like this, it's like living with the San Andreas Fault in the middle of your lounge-room - you're just waiting for the next cataclysmic eruption to occur.

Causes of Inter-Dog Aggression

There are many causes of inter-dog aggression.

Sometimes it's because one dog is maturing and reaching a critical stage of its young life when it is 'pushing' to find its position in the hierarchy.

It can also be caused by a change in the family routine. Perhaps a new dog has moved in, an old dog that was previously the 'king pin' has become frail, or one dog has moved out of the family. Occasionally changes on the human-side of the family are relevant too.

Inter-dog aggression is often caused by Resource-guarding where one or both dogs regard high level resources such as bones and rawhide chews as items that need to be protected - sometimes savagely.

The next page for members gives more information for other Causes of Inter-Dog Aggression and also ways of solving these issues.

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1. Causes of Inter-Dog Aggression

2. A Predatory Beast?

3. Problems with Punishment

4. The Solutions!

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