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Aggressive Cat Solutions

Solving aggressive cat behaviour - biting, scratching, hissing and spitting


When cats are aggressive to you, to each other or to neighbourhood cats, life can be difficult.

Unlike dogs, cats have 20 stiletto-sharp claws and needle-like teeth that are designed to cause maximum damage in minimum time. (I know from many painful personal experiences!!)

But there are solutions, and you will find them all here.

How would you like to solve this problem?

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Dr Cam's Pet Fix Podcasts on Cat Aggression

Introduction to Solving Cat Aggression 

Cam and DogTypes of Aggression Your Cat May Show

Cam and DogA Seven Point Plan to Cure Your Cat's Aggression

Science-based Techniques to Remedy Aggressive Behaviour in Cats!

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4. Feisty felines

5. Manic Moggie Manipulators

6. Changing Moods

7. Bosom Buddies

8. Feline Mad

9. Feline Frolics

10. How Should Pheromones by used for cats

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12. I Hate My Cat!

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Behaviour / Cat Behaviour Solutions / Aggression / Feline Mad

Feline Mad!

How to keep your yard cat free - humanely

male-cat-behavior268Most of us would agree that cats are wonderful pets but, to some, the trespassing of cats is a nuisance, the source of many complaints and the cause of much neighbourhood disharmony.

When a local cat uses your vegetable garden as a latrine, walks with muddy feet over your newly washed car or visits your yard to fight with your own cat, understandably you must be 'feline' mad.

Try the following methods to persuade cats to leave but, no matter how much you detest cats or any other pest animal, inhumane, cruel or harmful methods of control are not to be used.

Smellgone Rapid. Odour Control Spray. 500ml.
Dr Cam's recommended product for the science-based removal of animal odours. Select delivery options at check out.A Wee Cleaning Job

The most common complaint against roaming cats is the smell they leave behind. If a cat has urinated or sprayed around your home, the smell can be removed by washing the area with a warm solution of an enzymatic laundry detergent such as Bio Attack. Alternatively the animal odour eliminator Smellgone, a product that is available from our site,  is specifically designed for this purpose. It contains harmless bacteria that use animal waste as a food source. It's like germ warfare against bad smells.

Household Smells that Repel

There are various smelly household products that many folk claim will repel cats. However, if you own a cat yourself any malodorous product that will repel local cats is likely to have an equal effect on your own cats.

In my experience, none are routinely effective but try scattering naphthalene flakes, camphor balls or moth balls around the garden. Many of these products can be toxic if consumed so they need to be placed in a container such as a sealed tin can or milk carton with puncture holes to allow the odour to escape.

Cayenne pepper and paprika are also claimed to be effective. Citronella, ammonia, eucalyptus oil or Dettol mixed with biodegradable cat litter and scattered around the garden is useful. A similar effect can be had by soaking a tea bag or two or even some cotton balls in the same solutions and leaving the tea bags or cotton balls scattered around your garden.

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4. The delights of sewerage soup

5. Mouse trap mayhem maker

6. Keeping cats off motor vehicles

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