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Adaptil and Feliway Pheromones


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Pheromones/Feliway for cats

Dynamic Results For Cats - Feliway Pheromones

 Feliway DiffuserHow should pheromones be used to improve behaviour of cats? 

Feliway pheromone is now available as:

  • A convenient plug-in diffuser complete with 48ml pheromone refill
  • A 48 ml refill

What behaviours can be improved with Feliway Diffuser?

Effects are usually noticed within a few hours with the spray and approximately 14 days with the diffuser and improve further over the first month. Use your preferred product for a least one month. Total duration of use depends on the condition being treated but can be up to, or longer than, three months.  

It is important that other forms of behaviour therapy are implemented for long term cure.

Use of Feliway Diffuser

  • The unit is for indoors use only.

  • Plug the diffuser in a power point in the room most used by the cat during the day and don't turn it off at night.

  • Place the diffuser near the cat's bed or common sleeping area if possible.

  • Don't put the diffuser behind a door or cover it in any way.Feliway complete - diffuser and pheromone vial.

  • Don't put the unit under furniture - the vapour is oil-based and can rise and possibly stain furniture.

  • The more contact the cat has with the diffuser, the better the effect will be.

  • Consider housing your cat inside if it is a roaming cat or has 'outside the house issues.

  • One diffuser lasts for approximately four weeks and covers an area of 50 - 70 square meters.

  • The pheromone has no effect on humans or on your love life!! It is species specific. 

Advantages of Pheromones

  • Ease of use - plug the diffuser in and turn on the powerpoint. Ten seconds of work for one month of therapy.
  • No side effects.
  • Scientifically proven to be 70% effective for target behaviours relating to anxiety, fears, establishing pets into new territories and other behaviours

Disadvantages of Pheromones

  • The diffuser is not effective for pets housed outdoors
  • The diffuser needs to be left in an active powerpoint for 24 hours a day at least for the first month.
  • Not always a certain cure for target behaviours.
  • Cost

Are pheromones suitable for your pet?

Pheromones such as the Dog Appeasing Pheromone Adaptil and Feliway are wonderful products because they are easy to use and side-effect free.

But they certainly are not a cure for all behavioural problems.

If you are uncertain about purchasing pheromones for your pet, complete our  inquiry form below and we will review your submission.

We will then respond to that by email or by telephone as needed.


How to Purchase Pheromones

Pheromones can be purchased from our office or, if you are certain the are correct for your pet, the can be purchased online here.

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