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Batty Bird Behaviour

Fix your birds batty behaviour.

Batty bird behaviour

Solving behavioural problems in birds is not as difficult as it sounds. Birds are clever, conniving, cunning  and curious - all of which makes them wonderful to deal with.

Crazy Birds - Solving the problem!

Not all pages here are listed specifically for birds but are similar and helpful also.

1. Flying into a Rage

2. Stop Ya Squarking

3. Attention seeking menu

4. Changing Moods

5. Bad Habits

6. Training Parrots to Talk

7. Pets for the Elderly.

8. A Carton of magic

9. No Bored Dogs

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Flying into a Rage

CockatielThe vicious, monstrous brute I met the other day was savage. It was one of the nasty kind. Get too close and this demon delinquent would mutilate your arm, rip hunks of flesh from your body and leave you wounded and bleeding.

This aggressive pet was called Red by his tormented owner. I nicknamed him 'Dreaded Red' because of his antisocial behaviour. But Red was a colourful character. Most Rainbow Lorikeets are.

Red had learnt that nipping was a very effective way of manipulating his owners. Lorikeets may be small but they pack a punch in their powerful jaws!

Aggression towards people is very common with pet birds. When curing aggressive birds, the goal is to gently stop the aggression as soon as it starts and then to reward the resulting calm behaviour.

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The Following Magic Methods Include :

1. The Rules of Play

2. Reward Calm Behaviour

3. Time Out for Aggressive Birds

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