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Dog Noise Fear Solutions

Stop your dog's thunder, lightning and fireworks phobias here

Noise fears can kill dogs.

Products to help reduce anxiety levels


World's best non-medication solutions for noise fears
Includes: Adaptil Pheromone, Homeopet Storm Stress and FREE Frightful Noises Audio CD

If you own a noise-fearful dog, then it is likely your dog is escaping, damaging itself, destroying your house and that it is tragically scared when the noises hit.

But, there are solutions and you will find all you need on this Pet Pick.

Look for the Frightful Noises Audio CD below and if you want Dr Cam to help with personal advice, the links below will guide through your choices with that too.
Good Luck!!

Science-based Remedies for Noise Fears!

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9 Steps to Calm Your Dog in Thunderstorms

9 Steps to Solve Fear of Fireworks

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Behaviour / Dog Behaviour Solutions / Noise fears/ Frightful Noises

Frightful Noises

lightening7 multistrike.jpgMother nature is not all that motherly sometimes. In fact, if you were to ask your dog what it thought of the way the Grand Mother handles storms, the results, in doggy language at least, may not be printable.

Many dogs are tragically fearful of storms, especially those that incorporate thunder and lightning. Fears can also develop in response to other noises such as fireworks, cap guns and whips and for those that live close to rifle ranges, gun shots are a problem.

When scared by noises, dogs will often do all they can to get comfort or to escape the storm. They will seek to come inside the house with you if you are home and your comfort will often be all they need, but what if the dog is left alone during a storm? Such dogs are at grave risk. I have seen many dogs meet an untimely end as they run in panic during a thunder storm.

Even if your dog does not attempt to escape, you may find its fear of storms very difficult to control but there are answers.

Progressive DesensitisationFrighful Noises Audio CD Cover

The best answer to a dog's phobia of noises and storms is a process of progressive desensitisation. With this process, a dog's fear of noises is reduced and replaced with tranquil, accepting, even joyful behaviour. It is not an easy process though, and sometimes it won't work but it is certainly worth a good try. For this, you need to use a 'controllable' noise, where the volume of the noise can be reduced and increased as needed.

For storms, recorded sound effects of real storms are sometimes effective. For fears of explosions, devious accessories such as cap guns and exploding balloons can be used.

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4. What do do during storms

5. Medications for noise fears

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