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House-Soiling And Spraying Cats!

Dr Cam will coach you on the Solutions for House Soiling Cats


Do you have a 'wee' problem with your cat or maybe  your cat is soiling its reputation with you by making a mess around the house. If your cat is spraying, defecating or urinating in areas where it shouldn't then the information in this Pet Pick is worth its weight in cat biscuits.

Science-based Techniques to Help Relieve House Soiling and Spraying Cats!

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Soiled Reputations

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Behaviour / Cat Behaviour Solutions / House-soiling soultions / Soiled reputations

Soiled Reputations

Cat in litter trayDoes your cat have a wee problem! This article deals with cats that are bad with their toilet training and litter tray usage and details solutions for inappropriate urination and inappropriate defecation.

It does not deal with the related behaviour of urine spraying. Click here for information on urine spraying.

Solving Litter Tray Problems with Paranoid Puss-cats!

Is your cat soiling its reputation by doing its 'ones and twos' around the house, and not in its litter tray? You will be happy to know that there are solutions to wee problems like this.

You need to determine if there are any medical problems with your cat. Then you need to ensure you are cleaning up the mess in the best way and next, ensure your litter tray management is perfect.

The following page for members gives information on what the causes could be for why your cat is not using their litter trays, information on cleaning up after your furry friend and solving the problems involved with this subject plus much more.

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1. Is it Medical?

2. Getting Into a Flap

3. A Wee Cleaning Job

4. Litter-al Logic

5. Toilet Training

6. Get Stuck Into Food

7. Spying on your Cat

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