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destructive daschundsml PODCASTS:

Help! My Dog is Barking and My Neighbours are Irate!

Listen to two hours of detailed advice on barking dogs and download
to your MP3 player or iPhone.

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What's a Podcast?

Podcasts are audio files that you can listen to within a website or in some cases, that can be downloaded from a website.

Because these Podasts contain over 2 hours of detailed information, they are best downloaded onto your MP3 player or Ipod. 

Many listen to them while walking the dog! Another popular method is to listen to them while driving. 

These podcasts will be available to you for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD once your membership is activated.

Important: Bookmark this page or email a link to yourself for future reference.

Why Should You Purchase these Podcasts?

These Pet Fix Podcasts deal with barking that occurs when you are home with your dog and also when you are away from it.

You should purchase these Podcasts if your are worried about your dog's barking and in particular if your neighbours are complaining and/or your council is involved.

If you feel your dog is barking because it's bored or anxious then this information is of vital importance.

What is The Purpose of These Podcasts?

These Podcasts will give you easy-to-implement but practical solutions to this important behaviour but in a downloadable format so you can get to work on your solutions immediately.

Once you have gone through the shopping cart, you should have your Podcasts in a few mintues.

The barking solutions are science-based and sensible. The information shared is very similar to that Dr Cam shares in his face-to-face consultations which means you will get the benefit of a personal consultation but at a fraction of the price.

Expected Outcomes

Once you have listened to these Podcasts, you will have a full understanding of why your dog is barking.

You will also learn a variety of techniques to solve the barking.

You will learn a variety of techniques such as the Circle of Commands which is a like a speed-teaching system through which you can teach your dog to repsond to you quickly by focusing on rewarding goal behaviours.

You will find out why punishement should be avoided. Discussions on why you need to be cautious if you are considering the use of electric collars are also included.

You will hear solutions to barking when you are with your dog and when you are away from your dog.

Boredom-related barking and Separation Anxiety related issues are dicussed in full.

The role of pheromones and medications is also discussed.


  • A Key you can use to solve assess your dog's barking behaviour
  • A four-point plan you can easily use to solve your dog's barking
  • Solutions to ‘When-I-am-home’ barking using reward-based techniques not punishment
  • Solutions to ‘When-I-am-Away’ barking
  • We answer "Does my dog have a Separation Anxiety?"
  • Unique solutions to boredom that will make you laugh
  • Will pheromones help with my dog's barking?
  • Will medications be needed for my dog's barking?

Price: Included with your membership - immediate access if you are a member.

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