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Keeping your newborn and pets happy.

Newborn with Pets explained

If you are expecting  your first two-legged child and have some 'four-legged' children already then I am sure you are wondering  how your pets (the four-legged children) will cope.  You are likely to be concerned about the behaviour of your pets towards your new infant and also about diseases that could be transferred from your pet to your new baby.

All the information you need is here.

Have fun with your new bub and I hope you get some sleep.

Dr Cam's Welfare focused Information.

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Kids and Pets 

picsart_1348816082823Some time ago, a 12-year-old Melbourne boy was mauled to death by his brother's Bull Mastiff-Great Dane cross in an outer-western suburb.

The family arrived home to find the boy injured in the backyard but he died at the scene from blood loss and "extensive injuries to his face and head".

A detective who arrived at the scene attempted to go to the boy's assistance and the dog attacked him.  He fired two shots at the dog before it fled.  It was later destroyed at the family's request.

Apparently this was not the dog's first attack on a child.

This attack is a tragedy in so many ways.  For those of us who own pets, the thought of a dog attacking and killing one of its own family is worrisome.  Will our own dogs do the same?  Are our children and family at risk?

This attack is certainly the exception and not the rule.  Dog owners who are sensible about the manner in which they manage interactions between their dogs and their children should have no problems but if there are warning signs from your dog such as barking, yapping or mouthing when it is playing  - please don't ignore them.

It worries me the risks that some people take. On air once, a caller asked me an amazing question "My Saint Bernard cross is mouthing my two year old son's shoulder and head when they play.  Should I be worried?"

The dog weighed 80 kilograms, the lad 15 kilograms.  I'm sure I don't need to emphasise the risk.

The tragedy involving the Melbourne boy was unusual because the lad was no infant.  He was a 12-year-old boy and, from the photos, a robust andVicious police dog healthy twelve year old too.  We may never know what happened but something has gone awfully wrong.

There have been only a small number of dog mauling deaths in Australia.  A Toowoomba woman was killed some years ago by a dog referred to as a Pit Bull Terrier an in June 1995 an 85-year-old Perth woman was mauled to death by a pack of Rottweilers in her garden and a New Zealand man was killed near the North Island town of Te Puke, allegedly by a Pit Bull Terrier.

Children are extremely vulnerable to dog attacks because they are often of similar height to the dog.  It is not surprising, therefore, that research at the Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane has shown that the face and head are the commonest sites of bite wounds in children and, where the face is bitten, the lips and nose are more often affected.  Three quarters of dog attacks in children occur in boys. Toddlers of about two to three years of age and also children at about 10 years of age are also more likely to be attacked. More bites occur on the weekends and one in seventeen cases requires admission to a hospital.

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