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Aggressive Cat Solutions

Solving aggressive cat behaviour - biting, scratching, hissing and spitting


When cats are aggressive to you, to each other or to neighbourhood cats, life can be difficult.

Unlike dogs, cats have 20 stiletto-sharp claws and needle-like teeth that are designed to cause maximum damage in minimum time. (I know from many painful personal experiences!!)

But there are solutions, and you will find them all here.

How would you like to solve this problem?

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Dr Cam's Pet Fix Podcasts on Cat Aggression

Introduction to Solving Cat Aggression 

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Science-based Techniques to Remedy Aggressive Behaviour in Cats!

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Bosom Buddies

Woman and catHow to integrate a new kitten into the family and survive to tell the story!
Introducing a new kitten to a resident puss-cat is usually successful if you take the right steps. A simple system will work for most cats but for the particularly fiery feline, you may need a more involved approach.

Initial Introductions

For the simple approach, first make the existing cat calm. This could involve giving Oldpuss, the resident cat, a cuddle and stroking it to settle it comfortably on your lap. Food rewards may also help.

Now an assistant can introduce the new cat for the first time. The assistant should try carrying Newpuss past Oldpuss at a distance of about two to three metres. If all is well, Newpuss should slowly be brought closer and closer to Oldpuss. Eventually, with caution, Newpuss can be placed on the ground to roam free.

You should expect some feline fireworks but these should be little more that a hiss or two. Any fireworks should resolve quickly and while the two cats may not be Bosom Buddies immediately, things should improve from here on.

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2. Separate ways

3. A Screening Success

4. Free for All

5. A Cat Amongst the Pooches

6. Savage Garden

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