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Heartworm Pet Pick!

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Heartworm disease is a worrying condition for dog owners. While modern science has made this disease much less common that it was a decade ago, it is still a disease that kills pets. Heartworm prevention is the key but what are your options?

This Pet Pick groups together the information that relates to heartworm disease and its prevention :-

Heartworm Pet Pick  Heart Felt Concerns

Heartworm Pet Pick  Preventing HW Disease

Heartworm Pet Pick  Why use the One-A -Year Heartworm Prevention?

Heartworm Pet Pick  The Ten Tenets of Pet Care

Heartworm Pet Pick  Ten Tips for Perfect Pups

Heartworm Pet Pick  Check up Time

Heartworm Pet Pick  Easy Street

Heartworm Pet Pick  Spring care of pets

Heartworm Pet Pick  Heartworm - a Deadly Assassin Brain -E-Book


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Why Once-a-Year Heartworm Prevention?

Heartworm disease is a silent killer of dogs and cats. It's a slow, insidious disease that gradually incapacitates pets. By the time you notice the telltale signs of the disease, the damage that has been caused is serious.


First reported in dogs 100 years ago and in cats in 1920's. Worms live in lungs and right side of the heart

Regular cause of death in dogs and cats if preventatives are not used

Clinical Signs Associated with Canine Heartworm Disease

 Early Infection

No abnormal clinical signs observed

 Mild Disease


 Moderate Disease

Cough, exercise intolerance, abnormal lung sounds

 Severe Disease

Cough, exercise intolerance, dyspnea (difficulty breathing), abnormal lung sounds, hepatomegaly (enlargement of the liver), syncope (temporary loss of consciousness due to poor blood flow to the brain), ascites (fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity), abnormal heart sounds, death

Preventing Heartworm Disease can be achieved by:-

Daily DEC tablets

The first form of therapy

Old therapy and is now superseded

Monthly preventatives

Some treat intestinal worms

Some help with flea control

Once yearly injection

Can be given at the same time as vaccinations

Can be given to puppies

Advances in heartworm prevention are being made continually and the most convenient form of heartworm protection is now doubtless the Once A year Heartworm Prevention. While monthly medications or the older daily medications are effective, they are too easy to forget and research shows that far too many dog owners do forget. The Once A year Heartworm Prevention is an annual injection that is painless, easy and safe and gets over the 'I forgot' danger. It can be given at the same time as your dog's annual vaccinations and is no more expensive than the monthly preventatives.

For more information, contact your veterinarian.



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