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Dr Cam Day

BVSc BSc. MANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour)

Dr Cam Day is a Veterinarian consulting full-time in pet behaviour in South-East Queensland, Australia. He gained membership with the Veterinary Behaviour Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1995.

He is also a media presenter.

On a daily basis, Dr Cam consults with dog and cat owners about the mood aberrations of their pets.

He helps to solve problems such as anxiety and panic disorders, compulsive behaviours and many other pet behavioural aberrations which create worrisome moods such as aggression, excessive vocalising, separation anxiety, noise panic disorders, house-soiling behaviours and self-harming behaviours.

Dr Cam is committed to animal welfare. He was the inaugural Chair of the Queensland State Government Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, a role he maintained from 2004 until October 2013.

He is a past Adjunct Associate Profession with the University of Queensland Veterinary School.

He conducted veterinary talk-back radio on ABC Radio and Radio 4BC continuously from 1984 to 2015 and has presented on television many times.

Dr Cam maintains an online pet behaviour advice service via the Pethealth Project which provides DIY information on pet behavioural issues.

If you are not close to South East Queensland or need the help of a Behaviour Veterinarian or a Veterinary Behaviour Specialist please review this page for a list of behaviour veterinarians in Australia.


Academic Record

December 1977   

BSc.   University of Queensland

December 1981 

BVSc University of Queensland

February 1995 

MACVS - Animal Behaviour

July 2003

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Queensland


 July 1993   

Train the Trainer - Australian Institute of Management

Employment Record

December 1980 - April 1984   

Associate Veterinarian, Albert Animal Hospital Springwood, Queensland

April 1984 - February 1989 

Veterinary Education Officer, Fund-raising Coordinator, Public Relations Officer, Operations Manager, RSPCA (Queensland)

February 1989 - September 1990

Veterinary Advisor, Animal Control, Brisbane City Council, 69 Ann St, Brisbane.

September 1990 - March 1993

Animal Welfare Policy Officer RSPCA (Queensland)

March 1993 -November 1995

Operations Manager RSPCA (Queensland)

Nov 1995-29 Nov 1996 

Community Liaison Manager RSPCA (Queensland) 

Nov 1996 - current

Self Employed -Cam Day Consulting - Consulting in Animal Behaviour and Animal Management

July 2004- June 2008

Appointed as inaugural Chairperson of the Queensland Government Animal Welfare Advisory Committee.

June 2008 - October 2013

Re-appointed as Chairperson of the Queensland Government Animal Welfare Advisory Committee.

Other Activities


July 1984-December 1996 

 ABC 4QR  Radio Talk Back Veterinarian

July 1984 - November 1986 

Pet Care Columnist Daily Sun and The Sun Newspapers

Jan 1991 - Feb 1993

ABC TV "Landline" Pet Vet

December 1993- June 1995 

Radio 4BC Radio Talk Back 'Pet Vet'

Aug 1995 - Dec 1996      

ABC Regional Radio Talk Back Veterinarian

April 1984-current

Numerous television, radio, newspaper and magazine appearances and articles

Jan 1997 - April 2015

Radio 4BC's talk back "Pet Vet"

Jan 2004 - December 2004

ABC Radio Talk Back Veterinarian

Jan 1997 - 2004

Pet Care columnist for Brisbane News


February 1995

Meritorious Service Award  by Australian Veterinary Association

December 2002

Nominated for Australian of the Year by persons unknown

December 2003

Medal of Merit. Royal Children's Hospital and Health Service District

July 2003

Appointed Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Queensland

10th June  2005

Awarded the Vitae Lampada Gold Medal for Excellence in Medical and Health Education by retiring Professor John Pearn, Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health, Royal Children's Hospital and Health Service District for contributions to undergraduate and postgraduate medical education.

 1st July 2009

Re-appointed Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland




Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (Animal Behaviour)



Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (QLD) July 2004 - October 2013


 Royal Children's Hospital Experimentation Ethics Committee


Brisbane Veterinary Practitioners Branch


University of Sydney Post-Graduate Committee  of Veterinary Science


Australian Veterinary Association Sub-committee on  Animal Welfare


State Health Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee


DPI Animal Research Institute Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee


Griffith University Animal Research Institute Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee


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