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Unique creative techniques to Eliminate boredom in pets

waitingforawalk200Is your dog bored during the day?

With the shrinking back yard, our long working hours and life's increasing frenetic pace, it's sometimes difficult to for us to give our dogs the rich lifestyle that they deserve. The solutions are all here.

Eight Intriguing Techniques to Ban Boredom!

1. Boredom relief secrets explained!

2. A Carton of magic - how your recycling can alleviate boredom

3. Free, home-made timers to entertain your dog when alone

4. Happy and Content pets – It's as Simple as ABC

5. Holey Terror - hole digging eliminated

6. How boredom relief remedies escaping

7. When Dogs Roam and Why

8. Specialised dog toys to stop boredom

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Behaviour / Dog Behaviour Solutions / Boredom relief / A carton of magic

A Carton of Magic

How Can a Throw-away Carton Provide Hours of Fun for a Pet?

Honey looking at WobblerThere is one gift for a pet that is the cheapest and best of them all. It's one that you have already but I bet you don't realise its value - the milk carton!

A milk carton, plastic or cardboard, is magic for dogs, cats and even for birds.

So too can be a toilet roll core, a tea-bag box and in fact many of the items you would normally put in your recyling bin can be 'recyled' by your dog, cat or bird first.

Just be a bit sensible - some pets place themselves in danger when using the objects below so be sure to test the saftey of each carton before you give that to your dog.

The Daily RabbitHoney sitting with the Wobbler

For instance, try the Daily Rabbit for an entrée. 

What self-respecting wolf ever eats its meal from a stainless steel bowl? Their 'daily rabbit' appears at random in their territory and the wolf delightfully chases the rabbit, catches it and eats the poor little bunny.

There is a way to mimic that without risking the welfare of any small critter.

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2. Carton of Magic Extreme

3. The KONG Wobbler

4. Paw Propellor

5. The Cunning Carton Cruncher

6. Bucket of Fun

7. Water Treat

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