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Adaptil and Feliway Pheromones


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What are pheromones used for?

Pheromones are fascinating!

Adaptil complete - includes diffuser and pheromone bottle.Feliway complete - diffuser and pheromone vial.Pheromones are released from one animal and, when detected by another animal of the same species, have a significant effect on the behaviour of that receiving animal.

What's even more interesting is that pheromones are able to be reproduced synthetcially. That means, for pets with behavioural problems, the correct and wise use of pheromones can be one of the easiest ways to remedy unwanted behaviours.

Pheromones are a side-effect-free way to calm pets that are anxious or that need settling into a new home.


For dogs, Adaptil is often used for:-

  • Treatment of separation anxiety
  • Treatment of noise fears
  • To help pups and adult dogs to settle into a new home
  • Scientfically proven to help puppies learn faster


For cats, Feliway is often used for:-

  • Treating spraying behaviour
  • To reduce furniture scratching
  • To assimilate cats into a new home
  • To reduce inter-cat aggression

There are many other uses and applications but they do need to be used correctly for maximum benefit.

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