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Escaping Dogs!

Alleviate the Escaping Dog Dilemma!


This Pet Pick groups together some vital information about escaping dogs.

Does your dog have the wanderlust? Does it scale your fences like an athlete or burrow like a beaver?  Then this information is for you. Dogs escape because they are bored, anxious, fearful or even because they are in love!!  But, either way, escaping behaviour is DANGEROUS.  Don't risk your dog's life. Read the information below but remember, you will need membership to get full access.

Escaping Dogs - How to Solve the Problem!

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Behaviour / Escaping/ The great escape

The Great Escape

Solutions for dogs that escape and roam

Responsible dog owners would never allow their dogs to roam the street. However, even the most pampered pooch can surprise its owner by escaping over and over again.

Escape behaviour in dogs is surprisingly common and it can be very difficult to solve unless you know the secrets!!

Why do Dogs Escape?

Sad_dog_at_fence-SMLEscape behaviour is common in healthy normal dogs if the fence around the dogs' yard is inadequate. In such cases, the fence is an insignificant obstacle to a dog's wanderlust. Naturally, boredom in the backyard contributes in a major way to the development of escape behaviour. While a bored dog casually wanders the back yard, its stimulus-starved brain looks for some 'brain fodder'. The greener grass on the other side of the fence is just the fodder such a dog seeks.

Such dogs often happily trot backwards and forwards over or under the fence as if it was invisible. The dog's backyard territory and the territory of the street beyond merge into a continuum and the fence is insignificant. These dogs are basically happy and content but are certainly at risk from injury and from being picked up by the Council. They also pose a risk to pedestrians who have a right to use the street.

They are dogs with psychological disorders where their escape behaviour is almost compulsive.

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