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Dr Cam will coach you on the solutions for house soiling dogs

dog house-training solutions

Do you have a 'wee' problem with your dog or maybe  your pooch is soiling its reputation with you by making a mess around the house. If your dog is doing doo-doos or whoopsies in areas where it shouldn't then the information in this Pet Pick is worth its weight in dog biscuits.

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Science-based techniques to relieve house-soiling

  1. Ablution Solutions
  2. A Wee Problem with Pups
  3. Talking Scents
  4. The Alarming Technique to Solve Soiling
  5. Astro Turf Toilet Training
  6. Waste Away - Disposing of Your Pets’ Droppings
  7. Anal Gland Diseases
  8. Oh Yuk
  9. Dog laws (faeces)
  10. How to get good behaviour from dogs - introduction
  11. Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats
  12. Chronic Renal Diseases in Dogs and Cats
  13. Caring for your Old Mate
  14. Tummy Turmoil
  15. Pheromone Pet Pick
  16. Separation Anxiety Pet Pick
  17. Brain Strain in Old Dogs as a Cause of Soiling

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Behaviour / Dog Behaviour Solutions / Dog house soiling remedies / The alarming technique for house-training - page 1

The ‘Alarming’ Technique for Successful House-Training of Pups

Toilet TrainingWithin this article for members we discuss techniques for successful toilet training for your puppies and dogs. This technique works wonders for dog owners who are having a hard time training their pup to go to the toilet correctly.

It is simple to use and easy to follow with step by step process making the whole process so much easier for both you and your furry companion.


The old methods of rubbing your dog’s face in their deposits or smacking them with a newspaper just don’t work, so avoid using them.

These methods are based in punishment and are more likely to confuse your dog and ruin your relationship rather than help you progress with what you want. So if you are having trouble with toilet training then this article is a must for you.

Stop using these old techniques which are proven not to work - they make your puppy or dog wary of you which is something neither of you want. 

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1. Step One - Set Alarm.
2. Step Two - Alarm Rings.

3. Step Three - Designated Toilet Space.
4. Step Four - Toilet Command.
5. Extra points for toilet training.

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