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Fix your Pet's Disastrous Behaviour ProblemsDr Cam Day Veterinary Behaviourist

with Veterinarian, Dr Cam Day - consulting full-time in pet behaviour management

We are referred some of the worst-case behaviours of South East Queensland



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You can fix your pet's behaviour with Dr Cam's DIY system

Or you can choose a face-to-face consultation in-home, in-clinic or by phone


What Dr Cam's clients say

Provide your feedback hereI was very impressed by Dr. Cam Day's professionalism and caring nature, and his great sense of humour. I am positive the strategies, Dr. Day taught me, will eventually bring peace and calmness to my beloved friend, Ziggy, during a thunder storm. Stay tuned.... Provide your feedback hereGreat having you visit Rio and the rest of us at our house last week - we now feel more confident with Rio and how to work with him on some of his behaviours - he is doing well - and your concepts and suggestions for improvement were most worthwhile.