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Recent Blog Comments

What clients say about Dr Cam Day, his staff and

Vicki and John - Ipswich - Anxious and panicking dog.

Dear Dr Cam

We found your service very very interesting, and very professionally spoken, we are now pleased we took the step to come and see you, and we will certainly keep in touch.

Sincerely Vicki and John

Rob & Bernie - Carina. Barking dogs.

Thanks Cam for you advice.  Rob and I have found it extremely valuable in being able to talk to someone not involved in the situation that faces us.  Your insight into dealing with dog behaviour was refreshing and practical. I think that your interaction with our neighbour has provided us with an opportunity to see if he is prepared to become proactively involved now.

Overall you have given us realistic and manageable options that we can now use to try and resolve our dogs' unacceptable behaviours.  Again thanks for everything and we will keep you posted on progress.


Rob & Bernie

 Judy North Coast. Dog aggressive to wildlife.

Dear Dr Cam,

We would like to thank you for your visit. We thought you were terrific with the animals – you obviously love creatures great & small.

We like your strategies – they have given us a sense of confidence that our problem may be solvable and have provided us with specific steps to take. We realise it is going to be a long haul, but it is necessary for the whole household to be able to exist in harmony (I’m sounding a bit like John Lennon).

We liked the way you demonstrated what was required and stepped us through the process. We appreciate the time you spent (never making us feel we were taking too much time) and your patience in answering our questions and clarifying any confusion.

Thanks again. Cheers.


Lisa, Manly, Aggressive German Shepherd

Hi Cam

Addison is already showing signs of improvement. The little dog next door challenged Addison recently and she completely ignored it.

The other behaviourist confused me with her punishment techniques as my natural tendancy and what I had learnt before was always to reward the good behaviour - your rewarding system suits my personality better and because of that I will find it easy to follow with all of the dogs.

Thank you again for helping me and Addison :)


 Sarah (West End) Dog aggressive when claws trimmed.

Dear Dr Cam.

Thank you for your advice and consultation with Digby. I was very happy with the consultation and the comprehensive information you have provided and can’t think of anything you could have done to improve my and Digby's experience. I look forward to working with Digby to a point of nail clipping with no sedation.


Susan (Inala). Dog aggressive to other dogs met when walking

Hi Dr Cam,

Firstly I would like to say thank you for helping us out that Wednesday.

We have taken our dog out for walks and we can tell she is relaxing more and actually enjoying the walks now thanks to your advice.

I couldn’t believe how effective a simple technique combined with a different harness could let us lead her to such great improvement. Now she no longer pulls ua around and the aggression is all but gone. I must say we were very very impressed.

Thank you for those 45 minutes. We are very happy and excited with the results a small session can do. You and your service are of a very high standard and we will recommend you to any and everyone who has issues with their pets.

Look foward to our next appointment.



Samantha(Trinity Beach)Anxious cat

Dear Dr Cam,

Thank you so much for your time and advice yesterday regarding Sabrina.

Thanks also for the speedy dispatch of the pheromone unit. We received it this morning which is slightly unusual for Cairns!

Your active listening to Sabrina’s problems, and your considered advice regarding treatment, is extremely appreciated.

The Feliway unit has now been on for about 3 hours and she is currently sound asleep and very relaxed on the sofa. Fingers crossed!

Kind Regards

Dan and Jill

House soiling and over-grooming cats


Thanks for your time yesterday.

Your online assessment form is excellent.

Your explanations were simple and it's clear you are very knowledgeable. Thanks again for the opportunity to provide feedback. This is a rare thing, and we applaud you for asking for it.


Toni and John

(Gold Coast)

Aggressive dog

Dear Dr Cam,

Thank you so much for coming to our home to meet our 2 beautiful doggies. The time seemed to go so quickly (for us anyway) not sure if you felt the same!! It was a delight to meet you, I feel you have so much knowledge & we just need to put this into place which I want to work at so badly.

But as you said it is small stepping stones that are required, we are more than happy to work on the tactics that we discussed one step at a time.

 We shall keep you posted as to our progress, thank you again for your time & we look forward to our next visit.
Kindest Regards

Cameron and Lisa


Anxious and escaping dog

Hey Cam,

Firstly we really appreciated the time, and extra time you spent with us, it was incredibly insightful, informative and a necessary step in our dealing with Maddy's issues.


We thought the process of the phone call and the house visit was awesome and really helpful. We really valued your understanding and perspective on the challenges we are facing with our little furry friend.


As far as aspects of our meeting that could have been improved, we have none.


We thought your analysis was in depth and accurate, you were understanding of our problem, and your sincerity to nut out a solution was encouraging. Basically we really valued the fact that you provide the service you do, you've offered a different perspective to any that we have encountered thus far and provided us with options. That's been the most amazing thing for us, the fact that we have spent a lot of money and tried a lot of different strategies without success and now we have more options.


Your services were ideal for where we were at with this situation, which was basically pulling our hair out and clueless as to what to do next. You have certainly provided more options and the positive aspect of some hope for our little Maddy and that's where a'lot of our gratitude lies.


The audio CD's you made for us have been a crucial reference point over the last week as we have been carrying out the initial strategies we discussed.

Again, we have lost respect for our 'normal' vets not only based on our previous experiences with Barkley but also with their lack of commitment to establishing solid plans of attack or strategies to at least try and combat these issues. This is where we really respect what you do and how you do it.

Thanks again Cam we really are impressed with your service and appreciate the hope you have given us
Cheers mate



Aggressive Great Danes

Hi Cam,

Yes the chat yesterday was very helpful.

In terms of "how you did", you were very thorough; very logical; and also realistic in terms of how serious the problem is and how carefully we have to consider the consequences of where we go from here. I have had a look at the links you sent and it is certainly helpful to reinforce the things we discussed, especially the podcast on resource guarding.





Noise fear Cattle Dog

Dear Dr. Cam,

Thank you for today's session. It is working a treat.
I must say your ability access the problem and then pass on information and instructions over the phone is quite incredible, I had no trouble following your instructions.


Jayne and Andre

North Coast

Aggressive dog

Dear Cam,

Thank you so much for assessing our much-loved dog last week and for supplying the report so quickly.

It was a pleasure to meet you and both Andre' and I appreciated the care and concern you demonstrated. As you can tell we love our dogs, and this has been one of the most distressing times of our lives.

I cannot praise you enough for the kindness and professionalism we have received right from my first phone contact with Wendy, meeting you and the follow up. I am happy to recommend your services to all I come in contact with and believe me there has already been plenty of discussion with family and friends.

So, once again thank you and I will keep in touch with the developments.


Lana and Aaron Hello Dr Day

We were thrilled with your service and have shouted it from the rooftops to friends and colleagues already.  We particularly appreciated the following aspects of your service:
  1. You seeing us at such short notice
  2. The very practical, simple and cost-effective suggestions you had for us (including the demonstrations)
  3. You asking us whether we had any questions, and answering all the questions we had
  4. Your great sense of humour and genuine understanding of Max's nature and the limits of human endurance!

It is refreshing to see that you are brave and interested enough to seek feedback from clients - it's something I am a great believer in too. Aaron and I have already and will continue to happily recommend you.  We should say that we also found Wendy to be very helpful on the phone and at the counter.

Kind regards


(Gold Coast)

Barking dog

Hello Dr Cam

Your service was great! I really found it helpful, stress free and friendly.

The instructions you gave where clear and worked so well. It was 100% awesome to me. Good job and well done!

Thank you so much for your help. I will keep up with the training and I think I will have a perfect dog.

Les and Shirley


Aggressive dogs

Hullo Dr Cam,

Thank you again for taking the time and offering very good advice for our beautiful Jess.

I believe the most valuable advice you gave us was to feed the girls away from each other. Jess doesn't have to concentrate on protecting her food..

We felt the advice you gave us was much needed and hopefully with a little time and patience, we will win this battle. We love all of our girls dearly.

Cam again, thank you so much and I will keep you posted on our progress.

Kind regards

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