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The Pet Behaviour Veterinarian

Support systems for veterinarians with an interest in pet behaviour management

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Helping your clients to solve their pet’s unwanted behaviour is a thrilling and wonderfully creative part of veterinary science.

Behaviour management resources for vets

If you are a veterinarian with an interest in pet behaviour management, you need to be well-versed in two main endeavours: -

  1. To know how to assess and treat pet behaviour problems
  2. To know how to use resources to run a profitable pet behaviour management business.

We can help with that.

The Pet Behaviour Veterinarian helps to develop your expertise in pet behaviour management by providing resources which: -

  1. Will allow you to learn fundamental principles of behaviour assessment and therapy
  2. Allow you do download assessment Smart-Forms to aid client interviews
  3. Link to a network of behaviour solutions so you can better help your clients
  4. Provide access to downloadable case studies that you can peruse or share with your clients
  5. Enable you to view educational webinars and to listen to and to download audio podcasts
  6. Allow you to sell membership for practice profits

You can choose a low cost ‘do-it-yourself’ system or upgrade to other levels where you get personal support for cases from Dr Cam.

We are also offering a small number of places to veterinarians who are serious about upgrading their skills in behaviour science. This is by way of a veterinary behaviour mentoring programme involving monthly site visits from Dr Cam and other one-on-one methods of behaviour coaching.

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Vet Behaviourist Free LoginVets Free 

Downloads on demand and other benefits

Vet behaviourist - Silver SupportVets Silver

Monthly Support and full access

Vet behaviourist - Gold Mentoring SupportVets Gold

Behaviour mentoring including site visits

Download assessment Smart-Forms
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Send Smart-Forms to clients before consult to gather data
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Online webinars (CE)
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Access Behaviour Pet Picks to remedy behaviour
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Download Podcasts
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Give free membership to clients
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Sell discount consults with commission
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Includes 60 mins phone support per month
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Site visits and unlimited support
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