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Calming Cap Small

$57.55 inc. GST
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Calming Cap Small: Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Shelties, Small Terriers

Extra Information

Calming Caps by Gentle Leader

Calming Cap Small Blue/Print - for Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Shelties, Small Terriers


Yes - it looks like your dog is wearing underpants over it's head but this is a good product!

We have found that the Gentle Leader Calming Cap is a usefel tool that helps te ease your dog’s anxiety in high-stress situations.

The Calming Cap reduces those visual stimuli that worry your dog.


Uses include:

  • fear of car travel

  • dogs that are reactive to others in training (only for on-lead use)

  • dogs that bark excessively when attended by their owners (not recommended for in-absence barking)

The single-panel sheer fabric window does not blind your dog, but filters his vision, and we think it’s like trying to see under low-light conditions.It's like looking through a mosquito net.

Most dogs accept the Cap easily but massage and calming techniques help to get the dog used to this product.

Comes with complete instructions for proper use.

Sizes to suit most dogs but limited supplies exist.

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