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Clinic Assessment 30 minutes

$158.22 inc. GST


For the complex problems, there is nothing better than consulting with Dr Cam in his Brisbane consulting rooms in Priestdale. $153.23 (MEMBERS - PRE-PAY HERE AND GET 10% DISCOUNT $142.40 for members)

Extra Information

Assessment Consultations in Priestdale Rooms

(Members login and pre-pay to get your Assessment at 10% less)

Assessment consultations at Priestdale, Brisbane have the advantage of being the cheapest initial face-to-face step in to a behaviour solution.

They are very good for if you are not sure what service you need because you can always 'top up' with additional information at a later time.

For this service, Dr Cam will see you in his consulting rooms at 437 Ford Road Priestdale (more info).

Benefits of an assessment consultation:-

  • The most economical way of getting Dr Cam and his team to meet your pet and to discuss his or her behaviour.
  • Useful if you are not sure of 'what to do next' with your pet
  • Useful if you want to know if a problem can be fixed
  • They are very good for simple behavioural problems
  • They are useful if a medical disorder is likely to be a component of the behavioural disorder.
  • They are good for intensive training of young puppies
  • They are ideal when combined with Pethealth membership and your Front Page to Pethealth which is provided with the consultation.
  • Assessment consultations are discounted to help those on a limited budget.

Terms and Conditions

  • An assessment is 30 minutes minimum (additional charges apply after 30 minutes).
  • Assessment consultations don't usually allow enough time to implement detailed therapy but additional  follow-on consultations can be booked at a later time when needed.
  • More time can be usually be made available after the intial 30 minutes if you want it (additional charges apply after 30 minutes).
  • A brief written report (called 'Your Front Page to Pethealth' ) is usually emailed after the consultation to confirm some of the details.
  • Free telephone back up is not provided with an assessment consultation.

Fees and Charges

  • A 30 minute assessment is $158.22
  • If you pre-pay through an active Membership the site removes 10% from the fee. The fee is then $142.40
  • Members discounts do not apply if you pay at the time of your visit.
  • If you want additional time after the intial 30 minutes that is charged at our normal rate of $4.65 per minute (No members discount applies to this charge.)

Follow-on consultations

  • Any consultations booked after the initial consultation are called 'follow-on' consultations.
  • The rate for a follow-on consultation is $4.65 per minute minute but is reduced by 20% if you have an active membership.

Consultation hours are:-

  • Generally Friday through to Monday, thus including most Saturdays and Sundays

If you have booked a clinic consultation:-

  • Please bring your pet secured on a lead and properly flat fitted collar on in a transport cage.
  • For your convenience and safety, drive down the driveway of the Priestdale Consulting Rooms on the approach side of the building and park in the bays provided.
  • Please bring photos  (on your digital camera or smartphone is fine) of your house and garden so Dr Cam and his team can view your pet's lifestyle.
  • If your pet is aggressive, please restrain him or her until Dr Cam can see what's happening – Dr Cam does bleed if bitten!

Other Choices for Your Pet's Behaviour

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Hi Dr Cam Thank you for your time yesterday. I was pleased to see how well Harry related to you as he is sometimes wary of strangers. We are practising your techniques and hopefully they will solve our problems. I will keep in touch and let you know how we are going. Regards Bev Thomson


January 24, 2012

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