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Adaptil Collar Large

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Adaptil Collar for medium to large dogs (fits neck up to 62.5cm). Helps reduce stress in dogs in challenging situations. Currently discounted 45%.

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Pheromones purchase pheromones / Adaptil Large Collar

 Adaptil Collar (Adaptil)  62.5cm for Medium to Large Dogs

Pheromone Collar to reduce anxious behaviour in dogs.

Currently discounted 45%.


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This collar is designed to fit dogs with necks from 37.5cm (14.7 in) to 62.5 cm. (24.6 in) Please be sure to measure your dog's neck before ordering this product.


The Adaptil Collar is particularly useful for dogs that spend some or all of their time outside.

adaptilcollarsBut - where do pheromones come from and how do they work?

Lactating bitches naturally produce an appeasing pheromone. This pheromone provides reassurance to the bitche's puppies, helping them to feel safe and secure when encountering new experiences and unknown environments. Research has proven that a synthetic analogue of the dog appeasing pheromone (DAP) provides reassurance and comfort to puppies and dogs of all ages.

The ADAPTIL Collar contains DAP and offers a natural and convenient way to help manage stress-related behaviours in dogs. Purposely designed to provide comfort to puppies and adult dogs in stressful situations, this collar therefore helps them be more responsive to behavioural therapy and training.


  • Helps reduce stress in challenging situations (loud noises, kennel stays, travelling, new surroundings etc)
  • Promote learning and improve adaptation to our modern lifestyle, thus helping to prevent potential stress-related behavioural problems in adulthood.

The efficacy of ADAPTIL has been proven by numerous clinical studies published in reputable scientific journals or presented at international conferences (under the trademark DAP until 2011).

Please refer to the instructions in the packet on how to fit the ADAPTIL Collar.

  • The ADAPTIL Collar will last up to 4 weeks.Adaptil (D.A.P.) Collar for Puppies and Small Dogs
  • Unless you are shampooing the dog, the collar must remain on the dog at all times.
  • The ADAPTIL Collar may be used along with the ADAPTIL Diffuser or ADAPTIL Spray as required.
  • ADAPTIL can be used with traditional medications. ADAPTIL is not a veterinary medicine. If there are signs of disease, consult your veterinary surgeon.
  • The ADAPTIL Collar is activated by your dog's body heat so needs to be fitter more tightly that a normal collar.

 NOTE: This product is not yet registered and is only available under AVPMA permit to a registered veterinarian for use in behaviour modification programs for dogs under relevant State prescribing laws.

Does the Adaptil Collar work in all cases?

Pheromones such as the Dog Appeasing Pheromone (Adaptil) are wonderful products because they are easy to use and side-effect free.

Pheromones are very effective but not 100% effective. The best results are from using pheromones in combination with other therapies.

If you are uncertain about purchasing pheromones for your pet, complete our Inquiry Form  using the link below. We will then respond to your inquiry. Also download the product PDF below.

Pheromone inquiry

What you can do now

  1. To ask if Pheromones are correct for your pet's behaviour complete this Inquiry Form
  2. To download more information about the Adaptil Collar view this PDF FILE supplied by the manufacturer
  3. If you are certain pheromones are correct for your pet and want to purchase pheromones please click the Add To Trolley above



Canine appeasing pheromone analogue - 5%
Excipients q.s. 1 collar - 100%

Hi Dr Cam Maxwell is a new dog. He is settled, calm and quiet. It was the combination of the collar, kong wobbler and going for a walk in the morning around the neighborhood. Thanks for your help. Teena

-Dr Cam

September 22, 2011

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