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Frightful Noises Audio CD

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Dr Cam's Frightful Noises Audio CD. More than 60 minutes of expert advice on noise fear therapies - and not just a collection of meaningless sound effects. NOW INCLUDES 1 MONTHS MEMBERSHIP TO PETHEALTH -additional $30 in value

Extra Information

Noise Fear Solutions / Frightful Noises Audio CD

Solutions to Noise Fears in Dogs

Frightful Noises Audio CD

Including one month's membership to

What is this CD pack about?

The Frightful Noises audio CD is a full audio program of solutions for noise fears in dogs.

Frighful Noises Audio CD CoverThunder, lightning, exploding balloons, nailing guns and even hot-air balloons can terrify dogs.

You probably could write your own War and Peace novel about your dog's escaping, its self-harming panic, its frantic relentless pacing and the excessive panting that occurs. You have also seen the wretched panic your dog suffers.

Sad_dog_at_fence-SMLYou have probably been dismayed by the damage your dog has caused to your fences or your own house from your its frantic attempts to escape from your garden or to 'inscape' into your house.

You are certain to be consumed by your own worry about the absolute panic that consumes your dog and the effects that has on its long term health - especially when you are at work and your dog is home alone when a noise challenge hits.

What's in the CD pack?

In the Frightful Noises Audio CD you will find 18 tracks of information covering every bit of knowledge you need for your dog's noise fears.

Includes one month's membership to

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Membership gives many benefits including:-

  • Full access to Noise Fear Pet Pick
  • Discounts in consultation fees with Dr Cam

You Need More than Sound Effects

Are you looking for thunder sound effects? Well bad news. Sound effects on their own WILL NOT cure your dogs' noise fears

You need much more than just random sound effects.

Science-based solutions founded on real experience

Good news! The solutions for noise fears contained in the Frightful Noises Audio CD are the same solutions Dr Cam shares with his clients in his detailed consultations. It's almost as good has having Dr Cam with you.

Dr Cam Day, is a veterinary behaviourist in Queensland, Australia, who sees fearful dogs on a daily basis and has been treating these disorders since 1981.

YorkshireandownertinyThat's a lot of work and a lifetime of experience.

The information in the Frightful Noised Audio CD is science-based, practical and based on years of experience.

Dr Cam has done the hard yard gathering this information.

Yes, it contains sound effects of various noises such as thunder, explosive noises and so forth - both real and re-engineered. (Re-engineered sound effects have the 'quiet bits' removed.)

But Dr Cam knows that sound effects alone will NOT cure your dog's noise fears. So, don't be fooled by what you may hear from others who haven't done the real cases and who can't quote you the numbers they have dealt with.

You DO NEED more than just sound effects.


  • Why does my dog react to some noises but not others?

In this CD pack you will discover why not all noises are created equal and why knowing that is vitally important so you can plan properly on how to help your dog.

  • Why is my dog escaping?

Escaping behaviour is so common with noise fears and so dangerous.

Dr Cam answers the question "Why is that so" and talks about solutions to escaping.

  • I have heard about pheromones - what are they?

Pheromones can be very helpful and Dr Cam shows how to use them. Pheromones, used correctly, can calm fearful dogs and they work best when combined with the Denning Principle. Dr Cam will explain that.

He will also explain how to calm your anxious dog and how training can help with that if done correctly.

  • Will medications be needed?

Many noise fear dogs need to be medicated for their fear. Dr Cam talks about the medication alternatives that can help so you are better equipped to know if they are important for you dog.

So, this is a full audio program of solutions for your dog's noise fears.

CD Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The effects of noises
  3. Why dogs develop noise fears
  4. Preventing fears
  5. The importance of the qualities of noises
  6. Handling Fears when you are away from your dog
  7. Handling Fears when you are home with your dog
  8. Medications for noise fears
  9. Pheromones for noise fears
  10. Tying up some loose ends – the Plan A B & C approach
  11. Desensitisation to noises using sound effects
  12. Concluding remarks
  13. Sound Effects Tracks
    • Real thunder
    • Re-engineered thunder
    • Real fireworks
    • Re-engineered fireworks
    • Cap guns/cracking noises
    • Re-engineered cap guns and cracking noises

Our Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your purchase.

Review the Frightful Noises audio CD for 7 days and if you decide it's not what you want, then return it for a full refund.

It's that easy - no risk.

Thanks indeed! Just what I needed and the bonus membership was unexpected but good. Brandy is on the way to being a better dog!

-Dr Cam

November 13, 2011

The CD arrived yesterday – Much to my amazement – gee that was fast, very impressive, thank you. We sat down and listened to it yesterday and last night. I have also booked her into her vets for some medication as I think it may be fireworks induced and she really hurt herself on Saturday night when I wasn’t home. Further testing to be done tonight.

-Dr Cam

March 01, 2013

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