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Frightful Noises Audio CD - Bulk Lot

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BULK LOT:- Dr Cam's Frightful Noises Audio CD. More than 60 minutes of expert advice on noise fear therapies - and not just a collection of meaningless sound effects.

Extra Information

Noise Fear Solutions / Frightful Noises Audio CD Bulk Lot

Bulk Lot:-  Frightful Noises Audio CD x 5

Recommended retail is $27.00. Allows 100% markup

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CD Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The effects of noises
  3. Why dogs develop noise fears
  4. Preventing fears
  5. The importance of the qualities of noises
  6. Handling Fears when you are away from your dog
  7. Handling Fears when you are home with your dog
  8. Medications for noise fears
  9. Pheromones for noise fears
  10. Tying up some loose ends – the Plan A B & C approach
  11. Desensitisation to noises using sound effects
  12. Concluding remarks
  13. Sound Effects Tracks
    • Real thunder
    • Re-engineered thunder
    • Real fireworks
    • Re-engineered fireworks
    • Cap guns/cracking noises
    • Re-engineered cap guns and cracking noises

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