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Kit-E Bugs

$20.70 inc. GST


These are fantastic products will keep your manic moggie entertained for hours! The Kit-E Bugs come in a pack of 3 and postage can be selected at checkout.

Extra Information

It’s time to “Bug” your cat!

These strange little electronic bugs are purr-fect for your bored puss-cat. Just switch the bugs on, place them on the floor or in a large cardboard box and watch as your cat jumps and leaps as he tries to catch these evasive bugs.

The bugs vibrate uncontrollably, causing them to move and wiggle across your floor. The erratic movement attracts the attention of wily puss and provides hours of entertainment. The bugs meet your cat’s genetic need to be a predator, making your cat calmer and happier in your home.

The bugs are available in a variety of colour combinations and colours will be selected at random and come in packs of 3.

Postage type can be selected at checkout.

 Watch one of our resident puss-cats, Mr Bojangles, playing with the Kit-E Bugs!

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