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Large KONG Wobbler

$46.47 inc. GST
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KONG Wobbler (for large dogs OVER 10KG) is a KONG- shaped food dispensing feeder that provides a new way to entertain and challenge your dog. Select post options at checkout.

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Things for dogs/ Kong Products / Large Kong Wobbler

Large KONG Wobbler

(for dogs weighing 10kg or more)

 The Kong Wobbler was released last year. I must admit we were a 'bit interested' in the Wobbler when it was first released.

NOW - we are total Wobbler devotees!

We have seen the Wobbler as a major step forward in boredom relief and we use it as a key to aid the treatment of Separation Anxiety behaviours.

There is nothing that matches the Wobbler for durability and for its entertainment effect.

This is why we love it:-

  1. It replaces your dog's boring food bowl with a brain-expanding challenge like a wolf chasing its prey (We call the Wobbler a dog's 'Daily Rabbit').
  2. If your dog loves food, it will absorb your dog's interest so completely you can use it as a 'wedge' to separate yourself from your dog to alleviate separation anxiety.
  3. It's about four times larger than the normal Kong which means, unlike the normal Kong, your dog won't lose it.
  4. We have not seen a dog yet that can destroy it - and many have tried!

While it's more expensive than a normal Kong, the Wobbler will outlast a normal Kong many times over.

Remember, it's much larger than the normal Kong. The Wobbler is designed as a food dispensing toy that replaces your dog’s food bowl.

You can place your dog’s complete daily food allowance into the KONG Wobbler and allow KONG Wobbleryour dog to entertain himself or herself during the day while you are at work.

The KONG Wobbler is perfect for Home Alone Hounds, for Separation Anxiety Cures and for manic munching mutts that destroy your possessions when you are away.

The Wobbler sits upright until pushed with a dog’s paw or nose, then wobbles, spins and rolls, dispensing treats through a KONG-shaped hole near the top. Dogs quickly learn that motion causes treats to fall out, but the unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned Wobbler users.

The Wobbler is a fabulous toy for playtime, providing challenge and physical activity the whole family will enjoy watching. It also presents an excellent alternative to the traditional food bowl, extending the joy of feeding time and preventing unhealthy gulping.

Wobbler open 1The Wobbler is made from durable, FDA food-approved, high-strength polymer. That means it’s safe to give to your dog.

It unscrews for quick filling and easy clean-up, and is top-drawer dishwasher safe.

This large Wobbler is suitable for all dogs weighing 10kg or more.

Now doesn't that tickle your fancy?

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Hi Dr Cam Maxwell is a new dog. He is settled, calm and quiet. It was the combination of the Adaptil collar, kong wobbler and going for a walk in the morning around the neighborhood. Thanks for your help. Teena

-Dr Cam

September 22, 2011

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