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Pets in Gardens

$9.90 inc. GST


A Webinar about 'Problem pets in the garden' Solutions for barking, destructive behaviour, digging, escaping and lawn burn with urine. Duration 27 minutes. (Members already have access).

Extra Information

Pets in the Garden WebinarPets in garden

Simple solutions for pets that are destructive, escape, bark and burn your lawn with urine

Problem pets persecute perfect gardens!

With their digging and soiling, their escaping and barking, a manicured lawn can end up looking like a lunar landscape on a bad hair day when you have pets.

But there are solutions.

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  • Listen to Dr Cam's advice and simultaneously see images and videos in this multi-media e-Learning Pet Fix Guide which means you will rapidly Pets in gardengather the information you need for a speedy solution.
  • Through the download, link to additional information on for a broad-ranging, targeted solution to your dog's barking.
  • The information presented is based on the same techniques Dr Cam uses in his face-to-face consultations - it's almost like having Dr Cam in your loungeroom.
  • The most detailed information on barking solutions you can find - you can be sure the information is science-based and welfare-focused and eliminates the hog-wash so often associated with online behaviour solutions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If this does not help you to solve your dog's barking behaviour we will refund your purchase price - guaranteed.


  • This product will be delivered by electronic download after your purchase had been clearedPets in garden
  • If you use your credit card the download will be immediate
  • If you use PayPal there will be a short delay of up to 1 business day for us to clear your payment.

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