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Unique creative techniques to Eliminate boredom in pets

waitingforawalk200Is your dog bored during the day?

With the shrinking back yard, our long working hours and life's increasing frenetic pace, it's sometimes difficult to for us to give our dogs the rich lifestyle that they deserve. The solutions are all here.

Eight Intriguing Techniques to Ban Boredom!

1. Boredom relief secrets explained!

2. A Carton of magic - how your recycling can alleviate boredom

3. Free, home-made timers to entertain your dog when alone

4. Happy and Content pets – It's as Simple as ABC

5. Holey Terror - hole digging eliminated

6. How boredom relief remedies escaping

7. When Dogs Roam and Why

8. Specialised dog toys to stop boredom

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Energy to Burn

walkingadog210Some dogs have so much energy to burn. They are always on the go looking for mischief in all the wrong places, digging holes, dominating their owners, obsessively demanding that you throw their ball and if you ignore them ... they jump up with their muddy paws, nuzzle you with their wet and sticky noses and claw you with their evil talons. If this sounds like your dog then you may like to know how to burn up that excess energy by participating in some of the novel dog sports that give aerobic exercise and brain exercise at the same time - now that's good therapy for any bored, super-active pooch.

Agility Training

Agility training is one very good choice. Agility training is one of the best known sports for dogs and in many ways, is the canine equivalent of horse show jumping. Dogs are progressively trained to run an obstacle course where they perform many skills such as weaving though pegs, climbing A-frame obstacles, jumping hurdles and even racing through canvas tunnels. It provides the benefits of intense aerobic exercise and skilled brain work in the one event.

Agility Dog Club of Queensland: click here.


The novel sport, Flyball, is also an interesting activity for dogs and their owners.

This competitive sport involves two teams of dogs running over a series of hurdles to locate a tennis ball in a frame at the end of the course. The dogs must then return the ball to their owners, via the same hurdles.

There, another keen dog waits in relay for its turn. All breeds of dogs can enter Flyball competitions. The event encompasses all things dogs love such as chasing balls, and jumping, catching, retrieving, competing and striving to please their delighted owners.

Visit the Australian Flyball Association Website: click here.

Lure Coursing

For dogs with energy to burn, lure coursing is another fun event to put on the list. Lure coursing stems from the strong urge some dogs have to hunt and chase. Years ago dogs were encouraged to hunt live animals but that would never be allowed today, and rightly so. Instead, dogs chase a bunch of plastic strips or a plastic bag which is tied to a rope. The rope is pulled around an irregular array of spindles and pullies and the enthusiastic pooches charge after the 'lure'. Dogs are judged for their enthusiasm, their ability to follow the lure as it twists and turns, on their speed and on other characteristics. However, the owner's enthusiastic yelling and screaming is not taken into account!  

QLD Lure Coursing Association website: click here.


If your dog has a nose for trouble then you may like to put its nose to good use by trying Tracking.Beagle_puppy_white

A dog's ability to track scents is legendary and, for dog owners, seeing their pet following a scent is very rewarding. Dogs are trained to recognise and follow human scents over distances ranging from three hundred metres with one right angle turn, to over one kilometre with many turns and challenging elements.

Information on Tracking in Queensland: click here.

Sled Dog Racing

If you have a Husky or Malamute you may like to consider Sled Dog Racing. While snow and sleighs are in short supply in South East Queensland, that doesn't stop the keen supporters of this event having fun. They use two or three wheeled 'gigs' to which one or more dogs are tethered. While Huskies and Malamutes predominate, any dog can participate. In Australia, events are held only in winter to prevent heat stress and are tightly controlled to ensure the dogs are not over exerted.

Information on Sled Dog Racing: click here.

Whippet Racing

Lastly, if you have a lively Whippet, have you ever thought of Whippet Racing? Just like their bigger brothers, the Greyhounds, Whippets also enjoy a gallop around the track. It's good exercise for these little live-wires.

Whippet club of Queensland, Australia: click here.

For locations of these dog sports, search the web for contacts in your area.