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Help! My Puppy is a Behaviour and Health-Care Nightmare (TWIN CD PACK)

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Twin pack of audio CDs. More than 120 minutes of advice. RECORDED LIVE! (BONUS for renewing members)

Extra Information

Help! My Puppy is a Behaviour and Health-Care Nightmare

Includes membership for 1 month valued at $22




Why Should You Purchase This CD Pack?

This twin audio CD pack deals with the selecLab_Pup_Whitetion, training and care of puppies.

You should purchase this CD pack if you are intending to purchase a puppy soon or if you have a puppy already and would like quality information about its training and health care.

What is the Purpose of This CD Pack?

This twin CD pack will give you practical, easy-to-implement advice on how to select the puppy that best suits your lifestyle, your puppy's training and its health care.

Dr Cam (Veterinary Behaviourist) talks about puppy selection, night-frights with new puppies, pheromone implementation to calm your puppy, and your puppy's health care.

Oliver Beverly from CLEAR Dog Training talks about the secrets of humane puppy training and shows how you can use reward-based techniques to get good behaviour from your pup.

Being an audio CD format, it allows you to absorb the detailed information at your own pace.

Listen to the CDs in your audio CD Player or your computer but many pet owners find the best time to listen to them is when they are driving in their car! Turn a traffic jam into a learning experience!

Once you have gone through the shopping cart, we will post the CD pack to you promptly to ensure you get your delivery in a few days.

The information is science-based and sensible.

Expected Outcomes

Puppy DVD Cover150Dr Cam and Oliver will provide you with valuable information on topics including choosing the right puppy, its proper care and training and how to successfully settle your puppy into your home and all the information you need regarding its care.

This product includes membership and that means you can also study additional barking solutions online through (e.g. through the Puppy Care Pet Pick which you can view through the main menu of

Your membership also gives you a 10% discount on additional products you may want or, if you want personalised assistance, the same discount or more applies to services provided by Dr Cam and his team .

You will also get access to solutions to many other pet care and behavioural problems through the site.

(If you are already a member, login as this product is 10% cheaper for existing members).




  • From Dr Cam

    • Selecting the perfect puppy - the balance of nature and nurture
    • Fixing 'night frights' with puppies
    • How pheromones will help to settle your pup
    • Health care of puppies
    • IQ testing your puppy to see if you have a 'Canine Einstein'

    From Oliver Beverly

    • Planning for your Pup
    • Tips and Traps
    • House-training
    • Socialisation
    • Six Steps to Teaching a Behaviour
    • Training Traps to Avoid

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